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on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of jhyudjighykjgkugkjhkyukyukyukyukyu

Maurice Richard Jean Beliveau The Top 5 Montreal Canadiens Players - number 9
- born on August 4th 1921
- real name is Joseph Henri Maurice Richard
- hometown is Montreal
- position is right wing
- played on Montreal from 1942-1960
- inducted into Hall of Fame in 1961
- nicknamed "The Rocket" when a teammate told him he was as fast as a rocket and a sportswriter overheard and used it in his paper Ken Dryden - real name is Kenneth Wayne Dryden
- born on August 8, 1947
- hometown is Hamilton, Ontario
- position is goalie
- played on Montreal from 1970-1979
- inducted into Hall of Fame in 1983
- nickname "The Thinker" because of the way he rested his chin on his stick while waiting for play to begin - real name is Jean Arthur Beliveau
- born on August 31st, 1931
- his hometown is Victoriaville, Quebec
- position is centre
- played on Montreal from 1950-1971
- inducted into Hall of Fame in 1972
- nickname is "Le Gros Bill" after a French folk hero Guy Lafleur - real name is Guy Damien Lafleur
- born on September 20th, 1951
- hometown is Thurso, Quebec
- position is right wing
- played on Montreal from 1971-1984
- inducted into Hall of Fame in 1988
- nickname "The Flower" because la fleur is the flower in French Patrick Roy The Richard Riot
March 17,1955 Maurice Richard's 500th goal
October 19, 1957 Guy Lafleur
One of the most famous goals ever
May 10, 1979 Patrick Roy
Leaving Montreal
December 2, 1995 Ken Dryden
famous highlights - real name is Patrick Edward Armand Roy
- born on October 5, 1965 which is the same day as Mario Lemieux (famous Pittsburgh Penguins forward and owner)
- hometown is Quebec City
- position is goalie
- inducted into Hall of Fame in 2006
- played on Montreal from 1985-1995 before moving to Colorado Avalanche from 1995- 2003
- nickname is "St. Patrick" Introduction The Montreal Canadiens are a professional hockey team that have won 24 Stanley Cups. They were one of the original six National Hockey League teams established in 1909. The other original six teams were the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Montreal Canadiens home rink is the Bell Centre since 1996. The Bell Centre holds 21,273 people. History: The Montreal Canadiens have changed a lot over the years. In 1909 they shared a rink called Jubilee Arena with the Montreal Wanderers. It held only 3,200 people. That was my introduction. I will now be talking about the top 5 Montreal Canadiens players. The Montreal Canadiens were founded in 1909. That means their 100th anniversary was in 2009. This is the Montreal Canadiens
having a pep talk. I will be talking about the Montreal Canadiens hockey team and the best players that ever played on it. (in my opinion) To learn how good my players really were I will have to teach you about the rules of hockey. Rules of Hockey: Penalties:

Penalties are one of the rules you need to know. Penalties happen when someone causes a player to fall over or skate slower. Some penalties are tripping, hooking and slashing. These are all usually minor stick penalties because they use the stick. They are minor because they are not fierce. If they are intentional they are called major penalties. This is an example of a slash. It is a major penalty because it was intentional and to the head. Offsides and Icings:
Some other rules you need to know are these. Offside is when a player skates past the opposing team's blue line before the puck does. This is not permitted because any player could stand in front of the other team's net and whenever the puck comes, they would score. Patrick Roy left Montreal on December 2, 1995. While he was in net he let in 9 goals before the coach took him out. He was angry and embarrassed because he felt he should have been taken out earlier so he told the president he would never play for Montreal again. The next day he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche. Montreal vs. Boston:
In the semi finals of the 1979 season Boston was playing Montreal. Boston took a penalty for having too many men on the ice. The penalty was in the last few minutes of the game. Guy Lafleur scored during the penalty and Boston was eliminated. It was embarrassing because too many men is a rare penalty and it is easy to avoid. After Ken Dryden played in the NHL he wrote books. Then he became a politician. In 2004 he ran for the House of Commons and was elected. He was re-elected in 2006 but was not elected in 2010. He was part of the Liberal party. He also commentated the "Miracle on Ice" which is when U.S.A. won the 1980 Olympics. Jean Beliveau is honoured so much that he a has a couch in the Bell Centre and only he and his wife can sit on it. He's honoured because he turned down a huge deal to go to the Quebec Nordiques and decided to stay with the Canadiens. The Richard Riot is a riot that happened because Richard punched a referee and was suspended. Canadiens fans didn't like it so they rioted the outside of the Montreal Forum. Icing is when someone shoots the puck from their own end to the other team's end and it passes the goal line. This is not permitted because you could shoot the puck all the way down the ice and suddenly you would be on offense. Now that you know some of the rules, I will tell you how to become a good hockey player. First you need to practice and practice and practice. You need to practice whenever you can. Second you need natural talent that you have had since you were born. You need to be strong, know how to skate fast and shoot hard but accurate. Third you need to try real hard and have real good discipline. Do whatever you can to become better. Hockey is a team game that is played on ice. There are 5 players on each team and 1 goalie. The object is to score more goals than the other team. There is much more to the game then that but I will only tell you about some of them. The most important people on the ice are the referees. They are important because they call penalties and sort out arguments. Without them nobody would know if there is a penalty or offside or any other calls. How to Become a Great Hockey Player: To be a really good hockey player you need to be able skate really quick, shoot hard and accurate and be capable of stealing the puck from the other team when you need to. Richard is one of my great players because he had 544 goals which is 28th most for all players in the NHL. He has 965 points which is 84th out of all players. 84th might not seem that good but when he played it was a lot harder to score and there was a lot less games played then there are today. He is also one of the quickest players ever. He won 8 Stanley Cups with the Canadiens. Beliveau is in my top 5 because he has 507 goals which is 39th most of all players. He scored 3 goals in 44 seconds. He was the first person to win the Conn Smythe trophy. The Conn Smythe goes to the best player in the playoffs. He won the Stanley Cup with Montreal 10 times. This is the couch This is Jubilee
Arena Dryden is in my top 5 because he won the Vezina trophy 5 times. The Vezina goes to the best goalie. He is tied for most wins in a season on Montreal with 42. He is the only player to win the Conn Smythe before the Rookie of the Year trophy. He won 5 Stanley Cups with the Canadiens. Lafleur is in my top 5 because he had six 50-goal seasons. He had six 100-point seasons. He has the team's most assists and points in a career. He has the most points and most goals in a season for Montreal. He won 5 Stanley Cups with the Canadiens and he won 3 Art Ross trophies. The Art Ross goes to the player with the most points in a season. Patrick Roy is in my top 5 because he is the only player to win the Conn Smythe 3 times. He holds the record for most games played for a goalie. He won three Vezina trophies and was inducted into the Hall of fame in 2006. He won the Stanley Cup twice with Montreal. That was my presentation about the top 5 Montreal Canadiens players. Now I'll give you my post test and you answer as best you can. I hope you liked my presentation. Conclusion: I interviewed my coach and asked him some questions on how to become a great hockey player. I will show it to you right now. This video is an example of quick passing. If you want to become a great hockey player then you have to be able to pass as good as or better then this.
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