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Soccer's Global Impact

Soccer's impact on the world (English II)

Grant Smith

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Soccer's Global Impact

Grant Smith
Block 6 Soccer's Global Impact Soccer has impacted the world in many ways. I am going to describe two: Soccer has impacted competition and rivalry between the people of the world, and
Soccer has impacted the world's economy. My first suggested impact, soccer has impacted competition and rivalry between the people of the world, has many facts to support it. I am going to elaborate on a few: Soccer is known to both genders, many ages, all religions, and every race on the planet. Soccer is played on every continent on the planet, and in most countries. Soccer is older than the conflicts between most countries, and helps to settle their social disputes without violence. Organizations (such as F.I.F.A. and its 208 other participating organizations) set the standard for the game, and keep it fair and indisputable. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world in the number of participants and spectators. Early forms of soccer used to be violent, and sometimes its fans still are. Another impact of soccer is its effect on the world's economy. is a huge
quadrennial event, last held in South Africa... The World Cup ...which in 2010 brought in millions of dollars in revenue. Massive events like these fill up entire stadiums bringing in by the sheer number of spectators. millions These stadiums are filled with spectators sporting their teams merchandise. Speaking of team merchandise... Name brands such as... Nike and ...put their logo on lots of different teams' gear for advertising. With all of this revenue, large organizations and companies such as... ...help fund other organizations supporting a range of things from cancer research, to relief efforts for Haitians. Also, teams can afford to recruit their players from poorer areas like countries from Africa. wealthier In addition, popular players can support similar causes with their influence; their fans will do whatever they do. As you can see, soccer has had, will have, and is currently having a very impressive impact on the world; and it is not likely to go away any time soon. The most prevalent sport in the world has more to it
than what meets the eye. Soccer is a pastime that people channel many of their emotions through. Fans are key in keeping the sport alive. People use soccer as something to hold on to. They use it to fight century old battles, and settle ancient enmity peacefully. Entire cities and nations celebrate when their teams win. People are willing to support their teams at all cost. Soccer is clearly close to the hearts of many people around the world.
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