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CV writing workshop - MAD

No description

Bailey Kropman

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of CV writing workshop - MAD

What we will cover
What is a CV?
The importance of a good CV
Through the eyes of employers
Where to START
Types of CV's
What to include
Show me the evidence!
Cover letters
Social media

so where do YOU start...
Types of CV's
Cover Letters
Complements your CV
Demonstrates your motivation for and interest in the company

What to include
Why you applied for the job – what attracted you to the job
What job you are applying for
Career objective should be clear ‘
Highlight what makes you a great candidate
Request for interview
Your contact details

1. Have you learned something new?
2. Was this useful?
3. Do you feel ready to start working on your CV?
Practical tools: CV writing
What is a CV
A CV (curriculum vitae - Latin for path of life) is a summary of your academic and work history
Purpose of a CV
To get that interview!
Shows your skills, experience and knowledge to potential employers
It is a means of giving information quickly and simply to show your suitability for a particular job
Screening tool for employers and recruiters
Remember - You never get a second chance to make a good first impression
Employers take on average 10 seconds to screen a CV
Recruiters can receive +- 250 CV per position
Screen for transferable skills
1.Verbal communication
2. Strong work ethic
3.Teamwork skills
4.Problem solving
6.Time management

You may think you have mentioned EVERYTHING important in your CV
Employers or recruiters are thinking….
.blah blah blah

Employer's perspective
Remember it is a marketing document get the right point across
to the right people!

Identifiy the position and follow

RESEARCH: The company
Company websites
Employer events – campus presentations
RESEARCH: The position
Gain a clear understanding of what is required
What does the position entail
RESEARCH: Yourself
List of your achievements from school up to this point
List of academic qualification
List of the skills you have acquired
The three R's
- Most popular type
- Employment experience is written in order starting from the most recent job you held and working backwards

- Group accomplishments under specific skills and abilities.
- Useful when applying for a position in an area that you may not have much experience in.

Combined or Hybrid
- It has flexibility.
- Stresses your skills and accomplishments, but also provides a chronological work history.
Personal information AND contact details
Placed at the top of the page
Do not include a title
Sensible email address
partyright@yahoo.com rather name.surname@yahoo.com
Professional voice mail

Qualifications must include

State where you were studying
What you were studying – subject and applicable modules
The years
Add grade if it adds value
Add thesis or research title if its relevant to the type of position

Education and qualifications
Employment and work experience

Where you worked
The duration
Company name
Job title
Highlight skills

Assist you during interviews
Tools to identify transferable skills
CAR approach
C - Challenge
A - Action
R - Results

Try think of a situation where you were challenged or faced a problem
What actions did you use to solve the problem or rise to the challenge
What were the results OR what did you accomplish
How to describe your skills
List mini success statement rather than job duties
Be specific about the how
Show the numbers
Do not over or under exaggerate

# 1 rule is to tailor your CV based on the position you are applying for.

Follow the R's and design your CV based on the RESEARCH.

What to include
Cambridge Performing Center, Cambridge, MA May 2010-June 2011
Theatre Marketing Intern
Responsibilities included coordinating artist press releases, compiling tracking sheets based on information from reservations and box office attendants, handling photo and press release mailing to media, assisting in radio copy writing and performing various other duties as assigned.

Cambridge Performing Center (CPC), Cambridge, MA May 2010-June 2011
Theatre Marketing Intern
• Coordinated artist press releases that contributed to an increase in annual sales
by 10%
• Compiled and maintained a mailing list of 10,000 customers, CPC’s largest ever
• Organized photo and press releases to XYZ Television and Cambridge Daily News
• Contributed to the copy writing of promotional radio commercials for five events
Optional extra's
Volunteering/extracurricular activities
Professional associations
Hobbies and interests

Keep details concise, but try to show evidence of transferable skills e.g. leadership, teamwork, negotiating etc.

Include names, title, organisation and contact details
Exercise: Job analysis
Identify the key skills required for the job
What additional criteria will be necessary to do this job well? (ie. what info doesn’t appear in the advert?)
What should you highlight in your CV if applying for this position

Tips to leave with
Do your research
Tailor your CV
Add a cover letter
and check, check and recheck
Any Questions
lets look at some examples
Try it for yourself...

Examining roles and accomplishments to reveal skills, abilities and behaviours that you have lead you to success in the past.
Identify the skills and draft mini-success statements

"Use action verbs and be specific"
Online profile
Online profiles can enhance your CV
37% employers screen social media site
Keep it up-to-date
Easy to maintain
Shows your interests

Remember employers are looking...
Keep your Facebook settings private
Make sure picture and posts boost your image:)
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