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Desktop Prezumé by Dani Watkins

No description

Dani Watkins

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Desktop Prezumé by Dani Watkins

GO NOLA 2014
Dani Watkins
My sleeves are rolled up, palms are open, and I'm heading back to NOLA to see what God has for me this year!
2005 - Hurricane Katrina Devastated New Orleans
Relief - urgent & temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from a crisis

Crossroads Church felt called to support this great city. At the time, relief was the best form of support. Answering the call, they sent $125,000 to New Orleans, through Hope Force International, to help stop the bleeding after Katrina.
Rehabilitation - seeking to restore people and their communities to the positive elements of the pre-crisis condition

In the first 3 years, over 1500 volunteers went to New Orleans to help rebuild this great city. Our volunteers partnered with FABC to put on Vacation Bible School for the kids who had lost everything. We also partnered with Habitat for Humanity to lend a hand in rebuilding the city. We even brought a photo team to help replace family portraits that were lost in the storm and a vision team (through the support of OneSight) to help children get access to free glasses.
GO New Orleans 2008, 2009, & 2010 - the first 3 years of the trip
GO New Orleans 2011 and beyond
Development - a process of ongoing change that moves all the people involved closer to the right relationship with God, self, and others

Through incredible partnerships in the city with Franklin Avenue Baptist, Habitat for Humanity, The Roots of Music, and Cafe Reconcile we are able to support an ongoing effort in breaking the cycle of generational poverty in New Orleans, which often results in violence, crime and drugs. These organizations are instilling hope in the youth of the city. This hope is giving them a reason to walk out of bondage and into freedom!
Partner Organizations
Partnership began 2008
Habitat for Humanity
Working in partnership with hard working, low-income families in New Orleans to build and finance new, safe, affordable homes. The program makes homeownership possible for families who are unable to qualify for traditional home loans but have a stable job, good or no credit, and the willingness to contribute 350 hours of sweat equity to the building of Habitat homes.
Franklin Avenue Baptist Church
The Franklin Avenue Baptist Church of New Orleans, Louisiana, with our commitment to biblical authority, will use the ministries of our church to bring about a spiritual change in the hearts of all people thereby fulfilling the great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Partnership began 2011
Cafe Reconcile
People of all races, cultures, and experiences can come together to pursue and achieve the common goals of spiritual, social, and economic enrichment and success for all people.
Community members working together can effectively combat poverty, prejudice and fear through programs inspired by love, compassion, and the principle of self-help.
Young people can have a voice in constructive change rather than being displaced by change.
Together we can be a model for inner city renewal, education, and shared success.
Daily supportive prayer - before the trip, during the trip, and even on return.
I'll be updating my blog so that you'll know specifically what to pray for each day. Visit http://castingpebbles.blogspot.com/
Donate at http://www.crossroads.net/gotripgiving
Email or text words of encouragement to start/end my day...or even send "old school" paper versions with me to open while I'm there!
Email: dwatkins9295@gmail.com
Text: 513.312.2118
Partnership began 2008
The Roots of Music
The Roots of Music’s mission is to teach, support and empower New Orleans’ youth through music education, academic support, and mentorship while preserving and promoting New Orleans’ unique musical and cultural heritage. The goal is to give the youth of New Orleans the resources to live positive, productive, self-reliant lives.
Partnership began 2010
2012 -2014 Served during GO Cincinnati
Through Habitat for Humanity, we have helped to build over 15 houses.
Lifestyle shots done by our photo team help to tell the Cafe Reconcile students' stories and also help them secure employment.
Photographs help support fundraising efforts for The Roots of Music. A small "SWAT" team supported them in developing a financial plan for sustainability - including supporting their trip to the Parade of Roses!
Photo Team
Vision Team
Prayer Team
Thousands of lives have been impacted by GO New Orleans. From kids getting the gift of sight & learning about Jesus, homeowners getting a home, receiving the opportunity of hope to break generational poverty, and volunteers whose lives will never be the same!
100s of family portraits replaced after being lost in the floods.
Over 200 kids per year attend Vacation Bible Camp
GO New Orleans serves as a catalyst for life change
ways that you can help move God's Kingdom forward
we believe in submitting under authority
reflecting and looking forward
type in my last name and donate!
or you can send a check made payable to Crossroads (in the memo write Dani Watkins: GO NOLA 2013)
Send to: 3500 Madison Road Cincinnati OH 45209
Thanks to everyone who supported my fundraising efforts by donating!!!
appreciate it!!
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