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Personal Odyssey

No description

Jada Alim

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Personal Odyssey

Personal Journey The Odyssey Challenges and Temptations
Odysseus and his men come across a mysterious island, and he wants to find out who resides there.
"Then I sent out two picked men and a runner to learn what race of men that land sustained. They fell in, soon enough, with Lotus Eaters, who showed no will to do us harm, only offering the sweet Lotus to our friends-- but those who ate this honeyed plant, the Lotus, never cared to report, nor to return: they longed to stay forever, browsing on that native bloom, forgetful of their homeland."
Odysseus has to overcome this challenge, and he does when he decides to tie the men to the ship until they forget about the Lotus plant. Challenges and Temptations
Odysseus and his crew are stuck in the Cyclops' cave, and his physical strength is not enough for the giant beast. Odysseus says, "...but in one stride he clutched at my companions and caught two in his hands like squirming puppies to beat their brains out, spattering the floor. then he dismembered them and made his meal, gaping and crunching like a mountain lion..." He has to figure out how to free his men by using his brain. He has to fool the Cyclops, and he succeeds. The Cyclops The Abyss
In this story, there is no turning back for Odysseus at this point. They have entered the sea filled with sirens, and the sirens are infamous for their man attracting songs. He knows what is going to happen to his crew, and he has to decide to still lead them.
Odysseus says, "The lovely voices in ardore appealing over the water made me crave to listen, and I tried to say ‘Untie me!’ to the crew, jerking my brows; but they bent steady to the oars." He told his crew to not untie him no matter what, and they did. This showed him that they had his trust. The Sirens Connection to the Hero's Journey: Abyss
In addition to the Sirens, the Scylla and Charybdis are also a point of no return. The Charybdis creates a giant whirlpool, trying to suck the men into it, and the Scylla grabs his men and eats them. Odysseus says, "Then Scylla made her strike, whisking six of my best men from the ship... A man surf-casting on a point rock for bass or mackerel The Scylla and Charybdis The End The Lotus Eaters Literary Element: Conflict
This is a man vs self conflict because Odysseus is unsure whether to leave the men on the island, or to save them. This creates meaning because we now know that he is a good leader because he decided to save them. Personal Connection
When I should be doing schoolwork and homework at home, I become easily distracted. I am tempted to do anything but my homework. I will watch TV or go on my phone. I lose track of what I was supposed to be doing and this ends up being bad because I end up doing my homework late at night. Literary Element: Imagery
The imagery Homer uses in this story contributes to the way the reader sees what is going on. It also helps to increase the reader's emotional reaction.
Odysseus says, "...straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye, and I leaned on it turning it as a shipwright turns a drill...So with our brand we bored that great eye socket while blood ran out around the red hot bar. Eyelid and lash were seared; the pierced ball hissed broiling, and the roots popped." Personal Connection
I was afraid of rollercoasters for most of my life. My fear had nothing to do with my physical strength, it was all in my head. I had to get over it by telling myself that there was nothing to be afraid of, and when I did that I wasn't afraid anymore. Literary Element: Conflict
Odysseus knows that six of his men are going to die. This is a man vs self conflict. He knows they are going to die, but he also knows some are going to live so he has to make a decision to still lead his crew.
Odysseus says, "The crew being now silent before me, I addressed them, sore at heart." This shows that he is conflicted because he is sad about what he knows, but he also has to be a leader to his crew. Personal Connection:
I played a basketball game against all division 1 players, and we knew we were going to lose. We still played hard and never gave up. Literary Element: Figurative Language

The metaphors and similes used in this story are used to describe what is happening to the crew in a way that also appeals to the senses and helps the reader better see what is happening.
Odysseus says, "when she vomited, all the sea was like a caldron seething over intense fire, when the mixture suddenly heaves and rises. The shot spume soared to the landslide heights and fell like rain." Talking about the Charybdis, he uses the simile comparing the whirlpool to something on a really hot pot. When I moved schools there was no turning back, I had to get used to a new school and make new friends. Personal Connection:
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