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IRT Voodoo

Year 6 project

Yasmin Kirk

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT Voodoo

BY YASMIN KIRK Hollywoods fault!!! Religion, not black magic!!! What do you really
know about Voodoo??? What is the history of voodoo and what are its religious traits? It's an African religion! Gasp Narrative INFO Report Yasmiina This is part of my last entry: I’m going to stop my learning log today and give it to Ms Vitel. I only have to do a couple more words on my Voodoo doll and I’ll be finished with it. So this is close to the end of my project, I am so excited! My Learning Log This is part of my fifth entry in my learning log, this is something that I used to document my progress: I think I’ve got enough information on the history of Voodoo, now I’ve got to find out all about the ceremonies and rituals. The draft email that I’m going to write as soon as I finish this entry is going to mainly focus on the religious traits of Voodoo. There isn’t actually that much info on Voodoo, there is just a whole lot of repeats. ??? Book Review Confusing!!! History!!! Down with discrimination against slaves!!! See? Harmless! : ( M My Art project Quiz Time!!! Is There Any Questions??? Thank You!!!
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