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4th Period, P. Little, The Green Mile

4th Period

Zeb Little

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of 4th Period, P. Little, The Green Mile

The Green Mile The Green Mile was written in 1996 by Stephen King. Stephen was born on Septermber 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. Stephen writes mostly horror and suspence novels. The Green Mile takes place in 1932 at Cold Mountain at the state penitentiary,
on E Block. E Block was the official name for death row at Cold Mountain,
and it had its own nick name, The Green Mile. E Block was called the Green
Mile because the color of the floor lookied like fadded limes. The Green Mile
also had a somber tone because at the end of the main hall sat Old Sparky,
the electric chair at Cold Mountain. Characters:
Paul Edgecomb- Paul is the man in charge on E Block
John Coffey- the black man accused of the rape and murder of two white girls
Edward Delacroix- Edward is a Cajun on death row who teaches Mr. Jingles tricks
William Wharton- he is considered the problem child on E Block becuase he's just crazy
Hal Moore- Hal is the Warden at Cold Mountain State Penitentary
Mr. Jingles- Mr. Jingles is the little white mouse Edward takes care of and teaches tricks to Conflict:
The major conflict in the Green Mile is John Coffey's innocense. John Coffey is a very gentle man and on his first day on the Green Mile he asked Paul if the keep the lights on after dark. John even has a God given talent, healing. He demonstrates this talent when Mr. Jingles gets seriously injured by Percy Wetmore, when he heals Mr. Moores wife, Melinda, of her brain tumor, and when he heals Mr. Edgecomb's urinary infection. Given Coffey's kind and generous nature Paul starts to wander if he is innocent or not. Resolution:
As it turns out the real muderer of the two dead girls turned out to be William Wharton. Paul comes to this conclusion in two way: he snoops around, asking reporters and sheriffs of their accounts and John puts his hands on Paul's head and gives him the vision of the real murderer, Wharton. When the sheriff found Coffey holding the two dead girls he was trying to heal them but it was two late. John avenges the two dead girls by giving their killer, William, Melinda Moores deadly brain tumor. Summary:
The Green Mile is about a man, John Coffey, who is wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of two nine year old girls. This innocent man has a God given talent, healing, and he is about to be electrocuted to death by men who have witnessed his miracles. John gets justice when the actual killer dies of a brain tumor. John is actuallylooking forward to dieing because the pain in the world is to much for him to bear. I would recomend the Green Mile to anyone who likes suspenseful, mysterious and crime books.
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