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Saint Victoria

No description

Kristin Marcos

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Saint Victoria

Saint Victoria of Tivoli Feast Day Why did you choose this Saint ? December 23 Saint Victoria was the patron saint
of Aniticoli Corrado, Italy Patron of what or whom... Saint Victoria was born in Italy,the year is unknown. When and where was she born? She died in 253, St. Victoria refused suitors for marriage. She was imprisoned and starved by their suitors but she still refused marriage . She did not want to give up her Christianity. She was tortured and executed at Thora on Lake Velino in Italy. I choose Saint Victoria because she stood up for what she believed in, no matter what the consequences came with it. When and how did she
die? Country of origin... Saint Victoria of Tivoli is from Italy. Life of Saint Victoria... There is very little known about her childhood but what is known is that her family arranged her to be married. She try to get another Christian girl (Saint) Anatha to change her mind in refusing to marry but instead Anatolia told her she experienced a vision regarding her vocation that "Virginity is an immense treasure of the the King of Kings". This also persuaded Saint Victoria to break her own engagement to devote her life to God. Virtues that I will imitate from
Saint Victoria... To stand up for what I believe in, when something feels right in your heart you should stand by it.
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