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Business Education

No description

Kyle Olson

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Business Education

FBLA Goals:
Understand American business enterprise
Establish career goals
Encourage scholarship
Promote sound financial management
Develop character and self-confidence
Facilitate transition from school to work
By: Kyle Olson, Maddie Aguilar, Lupe Solis, Mayra Jimenez
This class is offered to anyone who is interested in learning the basics of the business.

You will learn everything from Marketing, Business Law, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Stock Market , and Business Law

Intro to Business is a great way to expose you to the different fields in business

Intro to Business
Business Education Goals
Business education goals it to prepared the students for school, work, and in life.

Having and experience in technology it will be better for the future.

Business education offers a wide range of courses that strengthens a students computing skills increase business knowledge, and expose them to a variety of career

Clases that you can take with this teacher
Mrs. Blume
One advantage is that this class doesn't have a prerequisite
It's a great help to students wanting to understand the rules of business
Teaches life-long lessons that will always help
Necessary class if you want to strive in the business world
Business Law teaches you your rights if you ever get in trouble, how to pick the right lawyer, or how to be a lawyer
It teaches responsiblity for college and jobs later in your life
Business Law-Advantages
Business Education
This class is for grades sophmores and up, you have to be motivated and a good worker
It's a class that teaches law-related things. It teaches you how to protect yourself from things in the business world
It is like a prep class if you are taking business law in college
Projects are very fun
Lawyers will come in to speak, they are West Chicago Alumni and can relate to students
If you like fun experiences, you will love this class!
Business Law-Overview
Mia Wirth
What is Lifesmarts?
LifeSmarts is a fast and fun online competition available to all US students in 6th-12th grade. Students in 9th-12th grade compete in the Varsity program, students in 6th-8th grade compete in the Junior Varsity program.
Business/Technical Internship Class

Business/Technical Internship Job

Why Is Business Education Important?
you understand how businesses work.
No matter where you work, you will need to deal with businesses and to deal with them properly
You may also get a chance to get into business for yourself and you will want to have a decent understanding of what you need to do.
Overview on this class:
You will gain work experience
Will give you an idea of what career you will like
How to apply and interview for a job
Get to have a pay check
When can you start?
Junior or Senior year
anyone can start with FBLA
also SkillsUSA
Other classes you could start with:
FBLA - Future Business Leaders Of America
meaning is a nonprofit educational association of students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields
Job Site:1.0
Class time:
2 full semesters to receive consumer education credit
FBLA Goals
Establish career goals
Encourage scholarship
Promote sound financial management
Develop character and self-confidence
Facilitate transition from school to work
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