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Leadership Conference Poster Session

No description

Christi Martin

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Conference Poster Session

Leadership Strategies
There is NO I in TEAM
Team Building
Leadership and Motivational Traits applied to Action Research Means:

Accessing what the children need in order to develop a environment that caters to the social/emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities.
Democratic- Leader
Buczynski & Hansen (2014) states, "Distributes power among the group, and Employees are involved in decision making" (p.2.1).

Democratic leaders facilitate an open, caring learning environment. Employees are encouraged to identify and discuss issues.
Everyone Has A VOICE
Ethical Leadership
Buczynski & Hansen (2014) suggest,
'Identifying your values is more than an esoteric exercise. It is a way to understand yourself, including your motivators" (p. 2.2).

Core values is the foundation of ethical leadership. The ability to respect differences, flourish diversity, respect and appreciate commitment.
Buczynski & Hansen (2014) states,
"Intrinsic motivation comes from within" (p. 2.2).

Our life interests empowers motivation in professionalism and encourages leaders to trust, engage, commit, and focus on achievements of collective results.

According to Buczynski & Hansen (2014), "The process components include relevant purpose, attainable goals, clear working procedures, accountability, and healthy group dynamics" (p. 4.3).

Team building fosters a community of problem solvers that inspire, motivate, and strengthen employees according to developmental needs.
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