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Guilds vs Unions

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Phillip eudy

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Guilds vs Unions

Medieval Guilds vs Modern day Unions Thesis Medieval Guilds "Guilds, like leagues, caused Europe's economy and trade to improve, which made possible the rise of kings and more stable conditions"

- John Butler Modern day unions Unions caused stability because they caused the employers to give wage and labor at a decent rate. Analysis Medieval Guilds Guild members had no control over the Guilds actions Modern day unions Union members have rights within their union and have control over the union in some way. Analysis Guilds are perceived to have a negative impact on technology and the advancement of the civilization Medieval Guilds Modern day unions Union members are perceived to have a negative impact on technology because the workers feel that they are protected by the union. Analysis Both cause stability through giving a constant rate. Guild members had to abide by the rules of the guild while union members could basically make their own rules if majority of the union members agreed. Since Guilds and Unions can do what they please, they have no incentive to advance. Guilds and unions are similar in that they create stability and stunt the growth of development, but differ in that guild members have no control unlike union members. Guilds A group of artisans who controlled the practice of their trade in their area. Union Unions bargain for the rights of workers. They protect the workers form their employers. Conclusion Both of these create a stable economy and create a decrease in development but only unions give significant rights their members - Guild give an agreed price for every item.
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