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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

No description

Aruna Aundhia

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Stage Directions
Maggie and Brick's lack of physical contact
Brick goes to pour himself a drink multiple times
Stays in their bedroom
Hitting Maggie
Misses hit
Thank you!
We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
Maggie still wants Brick
Brick's feelings aren't reciporcal
Introduces issue on Skipper
Gooper and Mae discusses Maggie and Brick's lack of children
Lack of affection and trust in Maggie & Brick's marriage
Brick talks about wanting Maggie to cheat on him
Issue on Skipper
Big Daddy has cancer
Maggie talks about her childhood --> being poor
Brick tries to hit Maggie
Major Plot Events
Climatic Moment
Characters & Relationships
Significant Quotes
Significant Symbols
Submitted By: Aruna, Emily & Brian
Submitted To: Ms. Holland
Submitted Class: ENG4U

Relationship between Maggie and Brick
Tension between Maggie and Brick
Conversation between Maggie and Brick
Maggie controls the scene
Maggie brings up the issue of Skipper
Brick finally reacts to something Maggie says
Brick hits Maggie
First Quote
"I've thought a whole lot about it and now I know when I made my mistake. Yes, I made
my mistake when I told you the truth about that thing with Skipper. Never should have
confessed it, a fatal error, tellin' you about that thing with Skipper"
- Maggie
Shows Maggie's distorted regret
Maggie's selfishness
Second Quote
That's how it feels to be as poor as Job's turkey and have to suck up to relatives that you
hated because they had money and all you had was a bunch of hand-me-down clothes and
a few old mouldy three per cent government bonds. My daddy loved his liquor, he fell in
love with his liquor the way you've fallen in love with Echo Spring!--And my poor
Mama, having to maintain some semblance of social position, to keep appearances up, on
an income of one hundred and fifty dollars a month on those old government bonds!

Explains Maggie's greed
Shows Maggie's somewhat troubled childhood
Issue of Skipper
Big Mamma and Big Daddy's confrontation of Big Daddy's cancer
Brick's crutches (injury)
Brick's attempt to hit Maggie
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