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Starters by Lissa Price

No description

Daphne Fowler

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Starters by Lissa Price

Starters by:Lissa Price
The future, after Spore Wars.
California (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills)
Symbolism and Motif
Institute 37.
Prime Destination
Voice in her head
"When hawks fly, time to fly."
Plot Development
Callie has to decide if she wants to risk doing the body bank or not.
She becomes a donor for one month.
In the beginning of that one month her neurochip malfunctions.
Wonders why she has woken back up in her own body. Meets Blake and Madison at club rune after she has woken back up in her own body.
Thinks she should go back to Prime Destination but the voice in her head tells her not to and that Prime is bad.
She experiences blackouts randomly and Hears a woman speaking in her head to her. She can not communicate back.
The woman speaking to her turns out to be her renter and who can not only speak to her but be able to switch back into her body during the blackouts.
She discover her renter has more than just a "body rental" going on. She has a secret plan.. Which includes the Senator.
Callie Woodland (Main Character)
Tyler Woodland (Callie's Brother)
Michael (Callie's good friend)
Blake ("Senator's son")
Senator Harrison
The old man (Head of Prime Destination)
Helena (Callie's renter)
Madison (Callie/ Helena's friend)
"When hawks cry, time to fly." -The last words her father said to her.
Internal/external conflict
Callie's decision to be rented.
To get money for her brother Tyler, Micheal and herself.
What to do without Helena after the chip malfunctions.
How to figure out more about Helen's plan and why she thinks prime Destination is bad.
To Figure out why this voice is in her head.
Why she blacks out and then wakes up with a gun in her hand.
How to take down Prime Destination without Helena.
Author's Theme:
To do what is necessary to survive.
Do not let obstacles, no matter how big, small or challenging get in the way of what you are striving for.
Does knowledge come at a price?
"Did Cinderella ever consider fessing up to the prince, that night she was enjoying herself in the fancy ball gown? Did she even think of telling him, oh, by the way, prince, the coach isn't mine, I'm really a filthy little barefoot servant on borrowed time? No. She took her moment, and then went quietly away after midnight." - Callie.
"Probably my favorite body part. No one ever complained about a fat brain. No one ever accused their brain of being to short or to tall, too wide or too narrow. or ugly. It either worked or it didn't, and mine worked just fine."
Yes, for Callie Woodland. Because knowing what she has to do for Tyler, Michael and herself plus for money that she needs for a safe and stable home and to help get Tyler better knowledge comes at a price to her because she has to know what good or bad can come out of this, plus knowing the consequences of doing this.
I defiantly would recommend this to anyone. I don't read very much but this book i was actually able to finish! It's an all around amazing book, it keeps you wanting to read more. It has so much going on in a good way. So many crazy twist you wouldn't expect to happen. It's just very suspenseful and is very well thought out and can easily put a image in your head.It has a very small romance in it but not to much to take away from all the action happening in the book. The only thing i didn't like is how fast at the end of the book everything just happened.
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