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The Country of Spain

This presentaion is about Spain. It includes lots of colorful pictures and interseting information.

Darby Chamers

on 5 April 2012

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Transcript of The Country of Spain

Spain Map Government Parliamentary Monarchy Monarchy-A political system governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority
Parlimentary-A national representitive body that has supreme legislative powers within the state Current King: Juan Carlos Current President: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Landmarks and Attractions La Giralda, Sevilla La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona El Escorial in Madrid Alhambra in Granada Capital City: Madrid Population: 45,555,716 Economy Today, the economy is based mainly on tourism, industry, and agriculture. Common industry products are cars, steel, textiles, chemicals, and ships. Common agriculture products are citrus fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and wine. Foreign trade plays an important role in the economy and trading of Spain. Currency:Euro Famous People Antonio Gaudí Architect Pablo Picasso Artist Salvador Dalí Painter Sports Hunting, skiing, and fishing are other past-times that people enjoy. Soccer (futbol) is the most popular spectator sport. Bullfighting is considered more of an art than a sport. Geography and Climate Central Spain is a high plateau surrounded by low coastal plains. Mountain ranges: Pyrenees, Iberians, and the Sierra Nevada North coast- A moderate climate with frequent rainfall Mainly Mediterranean Climate Dry and Warm Summers Late spring is the wettest time of the year
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