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The Average Life Expectancy

No description

Sydney Bear

on 22 December 2010

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Transcript of The Average Life Expectancy

Average Life Expectancy Education Literacy (total population)-95.6%
More than 200 schools funded by the Government through Ministry of Education
Private schools available, but expensive
National average grade -D+
Fewer than 50% graduate with a high school dipoloma
4 offical higher education establishments The Bahamas Switzerland 80.97 years 70.84 years Literacy (total population)- 99%
95% complete pre-school and compulsory schooling at state school, 5% private schools
90% complete upper secondary eduaction at the age of 18 or 19 which allows them to start working or attend a University
12 official higher education establishments, as well as other colleges Nutrition/Lifestyle Crime 70% Obesity
Iron deficiency anaemia is common
High consumption of sugar, salt, and fat products
Lack of exersize
80% Drug access
Coronary heart Disease is number one killer Education Nutrition/Lifestyle 7.7% Obesity
71% Pay attention to what they eat
14%Fast food consumption frequency (daily and at least once a week )
32% Physically active
Ischaemic heart disease (18% of deaths) "Life expectancy at birth is a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages. It can also be thought of as indicating the potential return on investment in human capital and is necessary for the calculation of various actuarial measures." (CIA World Factbook) Crime Traffic in drugs relates to high rates of property and violent crime
25 per 100,000 murder
5473 per 100,000 crimes against property
495 per 100,000 for robbery
Assualt rate 170 times higher than world average
410 per 100,000 people are prisoners Violent crime is almost unkown
44% of the persons convicted of criminal offences are foreigners (half do not live in Switzerland)
72 per 100,000 people are prisoners Education is very important. It spreads awareness informing us of rights and wrongs. It teaches us how to make good decisions that will help us survive in life. Although The Bahamas has over 200 schools, many students do not graduate with a diploma. While The Bahamas offers higher education opportunities, Switzerland offers more. The Bahamas clearly does not have as good of an education system as Switzerland, which could relate to why the life expectancy is much lower. Obtaining a good education plays an essential role in life. In Switzerland violence is unheard of. Even though many people carry guns for safety reasons, there are rarely any gun violence incidents. It is interesting that almost half of the people who convict criminal offences are foreigners. Compared to Switzerland, The Bahamas has a much higher crime rate. The Bahamas is invovled in drug trafficking which relates to property and violence crime. High crime rate leads to more deaths and is an unhealthy way to live which lowers the life expectancy. In addition, when there are alot of criminals who go to jail, they are not living up to their full life potential. Nutrition and lifestyle has an impact on life expectancy. In order to live long lives, people must eat healthy foods, exercise, and stay away from drugs. In Switzerland, more than half of the population pays attention to what they eat. This plays a factor in why the obesity is only 7.7% compared to 70% in The Bahamas. In the Bahamas sugar, salt and fat products are highly consumed which leads to the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Overall, the population of Switzerland lives more healthy lifestyles which is a reason why the life expectancy is higher than The Bahamas. Male:78.14 years Female: 83.95 years Male:68.48 years Female: 73.27 years
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