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Sports 1920's to Today

No description

Cody Kring

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Sports 1920's to Today

In the 1920's college sports was more popular than professional Sports safety has changed dramatically over the years from leather helmets to the equipment we use today. In the 1920's baseball was in it's golden age and could be described in two words, and that was Babe Ruth, one of the most influential players of his time and one of the best. Basketball games in the 1920's were the last sporting event to be watched but now and days it is one of the most watched sports with football and baseball. In the 1920's basketball was in the American Basketball Association (ABL) but now it is the National Basketball Association (NBA) Sports weren't as sponsered in the 20's but today sports are sponsored by Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. The 1920's and
The American Dream
of Sports today Hockey was and still is one of the most inspirational sports Although hockey is one
of the most inspirational sports
it's also one of the most brutal
this has not changed from the 1920's
to today In the 1920's people
were seperated in
different leagues
because of racial
segregation but today
there is only one league
with all different kinds
of ethinic groups and races NASCAR was started in the 1920's because of prohibition, and people would race on beaches and fields and this brought up the NASCAR Basketball has revolutionized in the moves people do from only jumpshots and hookshots to 360 dunks and alley oops The hockey world was
brutal in the 1920's
because padding was so
poor that injuries were
almost constant, and not
even goalies wore face masks
and suffered from bad facial
injuries. My american dream is to become an entruprenuer and help troubled people in this world. My american dream is to join the marines and then after that becoming a lawyer then living in Germany. THE END
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