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No description

connor turansky

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of intensive

intensive farming the way forward.... as you might of guessed from the title i belive that intensive farming is best veiw it like this there is a shortage of food and the custermers money is depleating if there is not enough money to buy this organic produce then why make it if it will just go to waist and in the economic depresion more and more people will be looking for the cheepest product not the one which has been made in the nicest way
now lets expolre the term "nicest way" lets say we have 5 chickens in a intensive farm so one chicken makes one egg a hour and if we times that by 5 then that would make 5 eggs a hour but also five unhappy chickens thers no point denying that but ther pain doesnt phisicly hurt me now you need to think if it doesnt hurt me why should i care becuase at the end of the day one happy chicken on a farm wont make as much eggs as the five intenisvly farmed ones
and eggs = money so if you can get over the fact that some chickens will be unhappy then no human will get hurt :) so that is my extremly biast short and unfair veiw on farming

but meh it had good effects in it :) and remember what you see may not be fair but just remember to look at the bigger picture
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