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It talk about 2 animals that live in the wetlands and why wetlands are important.

Munib Rehman

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Wetlands


2 animals that live in the wetland and what they like to do for example:what do they eat,where they live and why wetlands are important.
About Moose
It is a powerful swimmer within days of birth.
Where do moose live?
Moose mostly live in Rocky Mountains. They can also be found living in New England, New York, Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah and Colorado.
It can dive more than 5 meters for food on a lake bottom.
It has extremely poor eyesight.
As a calf, gains weight faster than any other bigger animal.
Group Name:Herd
Average lifespan:15-20 years

With antlers that can measure
over 6 feet (1.8) wide,moose
are the largest deer spices.
Fun Facts to Know

Moose are among the largest animals in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is the second largest cat in America.
It has the largest range of all terrestrial
mammals in the western hemisphere.
It is extremely elusive and a master of camouflage.
He stalks its prey to within two or three great leaps, then launches a lightning-fast charge.
Here is a video talks about cougar.
He can be really dangerous.

Cougar are found in North America.
There also other animals
that live in wetland for example: Beavers,Lemmings,
muskrats,bobcats,grey fox,
geese,tundra swan etc...
I chose Moose and Cougar.

Why wetland are important
to the ecosystem.
This is a Picture
of a cougar.
You can help by going to the website
and then click donate on the top right corner or you can buy
stuff from there and that money can also help the animals.
The wetland help all life on the planet.
They give wildlife somewhere to live,the wetlands provide water for farmers and ranchers so they can take good care of the crops and animals.It also provides a place to hunt and to fish.
Thx for your time guys and i hope you guys liked my prezi.
He can live upto 8-13 years.
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