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Five Themes Of History

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James Taaffe

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Five Themes Of History

Five Themes Of History
The Hunger Plan
Conflict Between Groups
Nazi Vs Jews
Revolutionary Change
World War 2
Nuclear Weaponry
Nuclear bombs were used towards the end of the war by the americans on the japanese. They were a big key for getting the japanese out of the war and changed the course of the war completely in the favor for the allies.
Aircraft carriers
Aircraft carriers were revolutionary because it allowed USA and Japan to transport planes in the pacific for air raids on each other this allowed japan to pull off the Pearl harbor attack that brought the US into the war.
Radar goes under the technology spectrum because it was used in Britain to see when the germans were going to preform an air raid on either an air base or on a city. Used for long range tracking.
The U boats were an example of technology because they were so key in the use of torpedoes to destroy cargo ships and destroyers in raids in the ocean.
the hunger plan goes under economics because was an economic management scheme implemented by Nazi Germany during World War II which prioritized the availability of food for Germans ahead of the inhabitants of the German-occupied Soviet territories.
American Mass Production
Because America was so good at mass producing things it made it easier and cheaper for them to make things.This was so helpful it helped them
Nazi Vs Jews is a conflict between groups because it caused the Holocaust where many jews were killed in mass murders.
Japan Vs US
This is because Japan caused the US to get fully engulfed into the war eventually winning it also with the support from the allies.
UK Being An Island
This was so helpful because during the battle of Britain if it was attached to Europe Germany could have easily invaded and controlled it, this would have changed the course of history
USA and Canada's Isolation
Because US and Canada were isolated from the rest of the western countries (Europe) they were both able to mass produce things and help out all of the other countries with getting them the resources they need.
James Taaffe
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