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Chinese Ribbon Dance

No description

Maggie Liu

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Ribbon Dance

Chinese Ribbon Dance
When the Dance Originated
It originated thousands of years ago in the Han Dynasty. However, this dance reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty.

The Chinese ribbon dance originated from China, which is located in east- Asia. The climate varies, as it is very hot in the south of China, but very cold in the northern regions. There are around 56 different dialects, but the two main languages spoken are Mandarin and Cantonese. The food in China is very diverse and each province have different cultural foods. An example of traditional food that originated from China are dumplings. They are cooked balls of dough with a variety of meat, fish, vegetables, or sweets inside.

What the Dance Means
Legend has it that this dance originates from a man using his silk sleeve to block a Han Dynasty emperor from an assassin’s sword. The people of the Han dynasty created and performed the ribbon dance in gratitude and honor, where the ribbons symbolize the sleeve of the hero. Nowadays, the dance is usually performed with the intent of appreciation or celebration.

When the Dance is Done
The dance is performed for practically all chinese cultural festivals. It used to be that this dance was only presented to royal figureheads, but now it is a form of entertainment to the general public.

Why the Dance is Done
This dance is done to express happiness and joy. Because the dancers enjoy a lot of freedom and liberty in the particular dance form, it creates an impact of freedom of spirit and a loving heart in the eyes of the viewers. In the Han and Tang Dynasties, this dance was only performed to the royals as a form of entertainment. Today, the ribbon dance expresses beauty and grace.

Special Props
The ribbon is made of a silky material
The footwear used in chinese ribbon dancing is a specific dance shoes that usually comes in a beige or fair skin tone colour.
Includes a head dress called a " tou hua"
What is Worn to Do this Dance
chinese traditional costumes ( costumes colours and styles varies in preferences)
many time dresses are worn and other times it can be a flowy traditional top followed by flowy pants
Dance Steps
Fan shen- which is a type of spin often used in some chinese dances just like the ribbon dance.
Swirls- making circular motion with the ribbon
Running while waving the ribbon in the air in a zigzag formation
Also includes some ballet footwork steps like chasse, tendues, and jetes
As the dance gets more advance they will include some basic gymnastic moves like cartwheels, spits, scorpion pose and many more.
~Thank You For Watching~
Who Does the Dance
Usually females perform the chinese ribbon dance, due to grace, elegance, and beauty being major factors to the piece.
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