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Gender, Equity & Education

No description

Miss B

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Gender, Equity & Education

"Choice is not equally distributed and it is those who
are more privileged who have more of it."
Neoliberalism: Exacerbating inequities in education
What do you think?
Is disadvantage in Australia's education system primarily due to neoliberalistic influences rather than gender?

Discuss any types of gender discrimination that you have observed or experienced in education. Was this discrimination compounded by any other factors (i.e. race, culture, religion, politics)?
Alex Mitchell, Bridget O'Sullivan, Emily Aldrich and Georgia Bellchambers
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Is the focus on gender in education still relevant today?
Gender, Equity & Education
How can we as teachers approach the issue of gender and equity in today's modern educational context?
Reference List:

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Mills, M., & Keddie, A. (2010). Gender Justice and Education: Constructions of Boys within Discourses of Resentment, Neo-Liberalism and Security. Educational Review, 62(4), 407-420.

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