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Mission Possible: The New Georgia Milestones

Information about the new Georgia Milestones (Updated 1-14-15)

Morcease Beasley

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Mission Possible: The New Georgia Milestones

Mission Possible: The New Georgia Milestones
A DeKalb County School District Presentation to Parents

What is multiple choice or selected response?
An example would be as follows:
What is a constructed response?
Constructed response is a general term for assessment items that require the student to generate a response as opposed to selecting a response.
An Example of a
Math Extended Response
We must build stamina and endurance for taking test.
A Practice Problem for Parents
Why are the new Georgia Milestones needed?
1. Georgia needs more rigorous assessments to match the rigor of the Common Core State Standards.

2. Georgia needs to eliminate the gap between state assessment outcomes and national outcomes.
Example of the Gaps

*SAT data reflects 71% of Class of 2013
**ACT data reflects 51% of Class of 2013
What are principals doing to prepare students to be successful?
1. They are supporting teachers to improve instruction.

2. They are working with teachers to analyze the data to inform instruction and to improve outcomes.

3. They are monitoring instruction.

4. They are providing professional development.

5. They are working with parents to inform them of instructional expectations and resources.
What do schools need parents to do as we work together to prepare students?
1. Ensure daily attendance.

2. Expect good behavior.

3. Provide a place to do homework.

4. Help students read more and more.

5. Help improve academic skills reflected on the
Instructional Planning Report
for STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading and STAR Math.

6. Help our children to be encouraged and confident.
What is an extended response?
Extended-response items require more elaborate answers and explanations of reasoning. They allow for multiple correct answers and/or varying methods of arriving at the correct answer. Writing prompts and performance tasks are examples of extended-response items.
What do we know about the new Georgia Milestones?
1. They will reflect the rigor of the standards.

2. They will be administered in Grades 3-8 in language arts, math, science, and social studies. There will be no stand alone writing test.

3. They will be administered in select high school courses: 9th Grade Literature & Composition, American Literature & Composition, Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, US History, and Economics.

What are teachers doing to prepare students to be successful?
1. They are teaching the grade-level content standards, providing remediation, and accelerating students.

2. They are working to increase rigor and student engagement.

3. They are teaching students how to respond to various question types including multiple choice, constructed response, and extended response.

4. They are using their data to inform instructional decisions.
What else do we know about the
new Georgia Milestones?

4. They will be administered 100% online within 5 years.

5. There will be three question formats: multiple choice or selected response; constructed response, and extended response.

6. Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) will be introduced in 2016-2017.

Here is another example of constructed response.
Here is an example of constructed response:

The student may be directed to read a passage such as
The Tall Rock

It is a story told by a boy who is visiting his grandfather’s house. He describes climbing “Mountain Rock” with his younger brother and how the rock seems to have gotten smaller as he has grown up.

The student may be instructed to do the following:

Write a conclusion to the story, told from the narrator’s point of view twenty years later. Your narrative should describe the narrator’s conclusions about the childhood experiences with Mountain Rock, but now from the perspective of an adult.

Use details from the text to support your answer.

Answer with complete sentences, and use correct punctuation and grammar.

Questions & Sharing
Single program, not a series of tests (e.g. CRCT, EOCT, WA); Formative assessment tool to complement summative assessments

Consistent expectations and rigor to position Georgia students to compete with peers nationally and internationally

Consistent signal about student preparedness for the next level, be it the next grade, course, or college/career
Consistent signal about student achievement both within system (across grades and courses) and with external measures (NAEP; PSAT; SAT; ACT).

Combine reading, language arts, and writing into a single measure aligned to the standards.

Overall ELA Pilot Summary Data
Overall Math Pilot Summary Data
Changes to Policy
Supporting Your Child
Recommended Lexile Bands

Visit the school's librarian or
www.Lexile.com to learn more.
NAEP Performance
NAEP Performance
SAT and ACT Performance
NAEP Performance
Suggested Parent Questions for Teachers

1. How are you increasing the rigor of instruction?
2. How often will my child experience constructed response or extended response formats?
3. How often will my child write in your class?
4. What rubrics have you shared with students?
5. How are you using the rubrics to ensure my child is familiar with the expectations reflected in the rubric?
6. How might I assist with helping my child learn the content standards?
7. How often will my child experience technology enhanced items (TEIs)?
8. How will you build stamina in light of the number of problems on each test section?
Georgia Milestones Assessment Guides
Elementary and Middle School:


High School:


In accordance with the state waiver,
DeKalb County School District will not use the Georgia Milestones for 2014-2015 to determine promotion in grades 3, 5, and 8.

Parents should work with principals, teachers, and their students to ensure that our students are passing all subjects.
Georgia Milestones Prezi Presentation

DeKalb County School District

Presented September 20, 2014
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