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The American

No description

Mariana Fonnegra

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of The American

What is the
American Dream?
It is an idea which sets an idealistic goal that suggests that the life in the United states will offer an stable quality of life. Which includes a happy stable family and relationships, a good economy and a feeling of satisfaction.
The American
Dream in
"Death of a Salesman"
There is a modern idea of the American Dream which started in 1930's promoted by publicity and later by TV shows. Authors wrote about it and this society was culturized "around" this idea.

In the 1950's the American Dream was based mostly in material possessions

The 4 Dreams
of Consumerism
Dream of abundance
Dream of democracy of goods
Dream of freedom of choice
Dream of novelty
Anyway the American dream is even older than the United States. It originated in Europe in 1600's when people started to have hopes about this new found continent.
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