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Carroll Ebooks Tutorial

No description

Terence Kratz

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Carroll Ebooks Tutorial

Ebooks 101
or . . . how i learned to stop worrying and love to use these things
What's an Ebook?
a book composed in or converted to digital format for display on a computer screen or handheld device
Ebooks have benefits
including . . .
more space = larger collection

more current content

full-text searching

Next Steps
to register . . . or not to register!
The Registration Process
step - by - step
Finding an Ebook
in the library catalog
Viewing an Ebook Online
the Ebsco interface
for reading online
the Ebrary interface
for reading online
downloading an ebook
for checkout
Without Registration
With Registration
Without Registration
With Registration
view any Ebook from the Library Catalog and read it online while you are on Campus, or off-campus and logged in through Carroll VMWare or Carroll VPN.
you gain the ability to . . .

download an ebook for offline viewing
save search results
annotating, highlighting
ability to share annotations
You will be required to register for an Ebsco ID.
You will be required to register for an Ebrary ID.
You will need an Adobe ID.
You will need to download and install
Adobe Digital Editions
. If you are on an iPad, you will instead need to install the
Bluefire Reader
You will need to link
Adobe Digital Editions
to your Adobe id. If using
Bluefire Reader
on an iPad, you will be prompted to enter your Adobe ID the first time the app is run.
You will need to log in to Ebsco and / or Ebrary.
click "Sign In"
click "Create New Account"
fill out this form
a walkthrough
Let's Make This Process as Painless as Possible . . .
Things You Need . . .
a desktop or laptop computer
an iPad or similar device

an active Internet connection
click "Sign In"
click "Create New Account"
fill out this form
click "Sign In"
click "Don't have an Adobe ID?"
fill out this form
(un-check this)
Apple iTunes Store

Bluefire Reader App
click "Authorize Computer..."
enter ID and password
click "Sign In"
click "Sign In"
click "Sign In"
click on the title of a record
click the link here
view online -or- download
tip: All Ebooks have [electronic resource] in their title
If your book is in Ebsco
If your book is in Ebrary
click "eBook Full Text"
click on the link
tip: the book will load automatically
read offline
read online
turn page
go to page number
turn page
read offline
table of contents
go to page
click "Download This eBook"
how long the book will be checked out
click to download the Ebook
double-click to open this file
click "Download"
download up to 60 pages forever
download the entire book for 14 days
tip: after 14 days, the downloaded book will no longer be readable - you will have to check it out again.
tip: after the number days specified here, the downloaded book will no longer be readable - you will have to check it out again.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to return it?
A: No. The ebook will stop working automatically once
the checkout period has expired.

Q: Can I return it?
A: If you checked the book out from Ebrary, you may
return the book at any time by right-clicking on the
book and selecting "return borrowed item".

Q: How long can I check it out for?
A: Up to 7 days for Ebsco, 14 days for Ebrary.

Q: How do I renew an Ebook I have checked out?
A: You can’t. You must check out and download the
Ebook again.

Q: How do I access Ebooks from off campus?
A: You can read an ebook online, or checkout and
download the book, if you are logged into Carroll
VMWare or Carroll VPN.
tip: you may always choose to register later
tip: you need to be on campus or logged in to Carroll VMWare or Carroll VPN
tip: we won't be covering the in's and out's of Adobe and Bluefire today. If you need assistance with installing or using these products, please see a Librarian.
tip: remember, you must register before you can download
this is the Ebsco interface, which we will look at more closely in the next few slides
click the link here
How you can use ebooks in your classes and research

•Annotate, highlight ebrary books and share with others who have an ebrary account (not option in Ebsco ebooks).

•Add book excerpts to Moodle (using copy/paste); limited to one page at a time.

•Add book chapters to Moodle (can’t alter-in fixed PDF format).

•Searching across entire database at keyword level with ability to then limit by subjects (not LCSH).
Alternative to reserves:
Additional search functions beyond traditional OPAC search strategies:
how you may feel:
tip: don't feel frustrated!
we'll cover everything
you need to know.
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