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Welcome to MYP Technology

No description

Alex Carter

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to MYP Technology

MYP Computer Technology 2012 - 2012 photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Why People Cyber Bully… HAVE A GREAT DAY! Means what you think… Get The Message? Cyber-bullying Take 5! How Should You React? Consequences
Broken friendships
Hurting people
School Consequences
Prosecution by police
Posting sexually explicit photos of people under 18 is illegal (even if it is your friend) CyberBullying Would you like it if I told
everyone that you purchased…

Sponge Bob underpants? Posting Information Any cell phone can record pictures and video
Direct to the Internet
Videos can be used against you
Your surroundings could reveal your location
Video can be altered by anyone The Online Life: Webcams & Video Why Should You Care? Do you think he respects her?
Do you think she is respecting herself by talking to him? EXCHANGE Get the information you need…
And make the right choices

Social Networking is not something done in isolation. Its part of our community. Why Cyber Morality and Citizenship? Online Risks - Think About it FaceBook, MySpace, and Nexopia
Personal information is sold
Beacons tell other people what you are doing…
Purchases you’ve made, places you’ve visited
News Feeds
Data is collected from everything you enter (private messages, photos, quizzes you’ve answered) Why Should You Care? Main form of communication for many
Addictive and expensive

Having a cell phone is a privilege, not a right! The Online Life: Cell Phones Words and photos published online are there for the world to see - once out there, they can’t be taken back.
Any photo or video posted online can be saved, accessed and altered by anyone.
This applies even if your page is private.
Private conversations can be saved. You Can’t Take It Back If Anyone:
Talks about inappropriate things
Sends you sexually explicit material
Asks for your personal information
Talks about or wants you to do something that makes you uncomfortable
Wants to meet you in person Predators…Warning Signs You may not know the truth about people you first meet online
You can be lied to or betrayed
Time ≠ Trust
Be suspicious; any person worth having as a friend wouldn’t ask you to put yourself at risk Who Can You Trust? …think first, act later! What’s the tone?
How about the context?
Did I miss something?
Would he/she really tick me off? How Should You React? mUrDeR Exploitation Abduction Assault Risks of Meeting Offline

Need to respond to our current reality. Why Cyber Morality and Citizenship? Online Risks - Think About it… Revealing Too Much Cyber Bullying Your Online life Predators Let's get started! Can't forget attandance
with Managebac! http://cismyptechnology.weebly.com MYP Computer Technology Website You are expected to come to class prepared, both in the sense that you are prepared to learn, and also by bringing your project parts or equipment so that you can effectively complete the day's learning and tasks. Computer Technology Course Expectations During class time, you are expected to take notes, pay close attention to and participate in lessons, and not disturb the learning opportunities of others. Using your computer to play games or surf web sites unrelated to the course is unacceptable and may be a violation of the Cedars acceptable use policy. Communication Email is the best way to get in contact with me and I will usually respond within 24 hours.

Please respect Cedar's Email Netiquette guidelines when communicating through email.

Most of our communication is done via email, Managebac and the classroom website. Course Location Grade 6 - Rm 211
Grade 7 - Library
Grade 9 - Library
Grade 10 - Rm 231 Hardware Requirements You will need a computer with speakers and you will need Internet access at home. Please bring headphones to class. A microphone and a web-cam will also be required for this course. For best results it is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your web browser for this course. You will also be required to download certain programs onto your desktop throughout the course.
Each assignment will be graded based on given criteria and a rubric that will be posted in Managebac.

Your assignments will typically be reviewed and posted in Managebac within one week after the assignment due date. Depending upon the assignment, you will receive a rubric with comments or written feedback. Please check your profile for your grades. If you do not have an assigned grade, please contact me. Grades Sometimes situations occur that prevent us from working on our assignments on time especially with many of your busy schedules. During the course, every student will be permitted one late assignment without losing marks in their attitude to technology section; however, the assignment cannot be turned in more than a week late. Any other assignments that are late past this first initial late assignment will lose marks in the section "attitude to technology ". Homework & Assignments For this course the following standards will be used:

*All students are expected to create original works for each assignment. Projects and papers written for other courses should not be reused for this class. To fairly assess each student, original work is needed in order to assure everybody is receiving the most out of the class and that the concepts are understood.
*All project text should be original text written by each student. Any content that is referenced or has small amounts of material quoted should be cited using APA format.
*Images or other media used in projects should be original, used with permission, or come from public domain. Terms and conditions for usage should be checked before being used. Academic Honesty High expectations!!! Correction:

I forgot to mention in my video
that I am currently completing my
Masters in Educational Technology
@ BSU online! Now it is your turn to introduce yourselves to me!

Step 1: Login to Animoto www.animoto.com
username: cedarschoolbvi@gmail.com
password: Cedarbv1

Step 2: Create a minimum of a two minute video
introducing yourselves to me.

Step 3: Save the name of the video as: Grade_Firstname_Lastname

Step 4: The video is due next week, I will email you with this login information and the deadline. We will then watch the video together in class.
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