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Cell analogy project, school comparison

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jacob sanmartin

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell analogy project, school comparison

Cell analogy project, school comparison
Jacob Sanmartin
nuclear envelope
the ribosomes are like the teachers because they transport info to the students by making diagrams and giving hands on projects,. The dna would be the info and knowledge.
the nucleolus is the helpers of the cell it transcribes ribosomal rna and combines it with the protiens this relates to the assistant principal
The principal is the nucleus of the school, he controls everything that happens in the school
the nuclear envelope is the second membrane layer for a cell this could represent a second layer of brick or the foundation of the school
cell membrane
the administration is the cell membrane because the people in the office decide who goes in and out of the school.
the cytoskeleton helps maintain shape support and strength. This can relate to the outer layer of brick on a school.

smooth ER
the smooth ER packages the secretory protiens as well as synthesis of lipids this can relate to the lunch lines at school
golgi Apparatus
The counselor is the golgi body because they prepare students to be sent to their destination; A.K.A. Colledge and a good future.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
the Rough ER is a series of collapsed
interconnected sac like structures with
ribosomes embedded on its surface.and transports protiens it relates to a hallway
The lunch ladies are like the mitochandria, because they make food which gives students energy/power
semi fluid substance that fills the interior of the cell,it cushions and protects the organelles,the closest thing to resemble the cytoplasm in a school is the walls in the school.
Chromosomes hold the DNA and the genes. The genes store code for RNA and various proteins this can relate to the patterns in the school walls .
These things are only found in animal cells
the lysosome is related to a janitor
The Centrioles isnt related to anything but plays an important part in cell division
the flagella doesnt relate to anything but it regulates temp in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
pics of Flagella lysosome and centrioles
Cell wall Chloroplasts and vacule
these thing are only found in plant cells
the vacule stores water
this relates to a locker.
the cell wall protects the cell
like gates to a school
the chloroplast is like a solar pannel
it captures energy like chloroplasts
when they convert rays into energy/food.
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