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Balancing Life and School

This workshop will discuss steps on how to make life less stressful when trying to manage life and school.

Harminder Pooni

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Balancing Life and School

Presented By
Harminder Pooni Balancing Life and School So you're an adult now how are you going to balance school and work?? Now that you have some valuable information what steps can you take? School can be difficult to manage, and is much more difficult when you try to balance work in addition Why do we not manage time well? There are solutions that can help you!!! Set Specific academic and personal goals.
Create a term calendar-recording major events.
Create a weekly schedule of your classes,labs,meetings,etc. How do you get started
Get the "big picture". Plan out your semester.
Make a weekly schedule based on your needs.
Study at a regular time and in a regular place.
Study before and after a class.
Limit your blocks of study time to no more than 2 hours for any course.
Make sure to schedule time for review.
Make a list of priorities.
Eat well-balanced meals and get regular meals. Be Organized
Organize space by color
Use a calendar
Use a planner
Combine similar activities
Write it down
Make a to-do list
Try a smart phone
Delegate responsibilities
Follow through
Set a time frame Create a Flexible Schedule
Identify your priorities
Write down every hour of the day on a piece of paper starting with the hour your wake up
Determine what you need the most
Determine the other priorities, ranking the most important to the least important
Identify when you should go to sleep
Get into a regular sleeping rhythm,waking up at the same time in the morning and going to bed at the same time each night This workshop will help you with:
Personal attitudes
Discuss key steps in planning/prioritizing
Utilize a weekly schedule
Advantages Myths about managing time
With better time management, you can find new time during the day. Everyone is limited to only 2 hours a day.
Effective time management is the same for everyone. Time management is unique for each person because each person has different priorities and goals.
Activity is good in itself. Being busy is not the same as being effective, if time is spent on low priorities. Once you learn the basics of time management you automatically make beter use of yur time. You have to actually use time management techniques consistently.
Good time managers are born not made. Some people seem to be more naturally organized, but everyone can learn to manage his/her time. Obstacles to planning goals
We often encounter a number of obstacles in planning our goals.
Others' plans and priorities
Lack of solid planning skills
Time requires for good planning
Pressure of other work
Absences of examples, if the project is new
Time wasters such as procrastination
Interruptions Poor Planning Consequences
Decreased productivity
Dissatisfaction within ourselves
Misunderstandings and confusion
Pressure from others
Poor work quality, accidents,errors
Wasted time/resources The Starting Point
Why is the task necessary? What's its purpose?
What goals do you want to achieve?
When is the best time of day schedule to do it?
Where is the best location to do it?
Who would be a resource to help me?
How should it be done? What About Steps If You Are Working?
Talk to your employer
Manage your time wisely
Lower your stress levels at work
Keep your loved ones in the loop
Take advantage of financial aid
Use your school's resources
Keep work and school separate Smart Tips
T=Take a Break
I=Invigorate yourself!
P=Plan your study space?
S=Set your priorities Advantages of Time Management
Gain Time
Motivates and Initiates
Reduces Avoidance
Promotes Review
Eliminates Cramming
Reduces Anxiety Carrying a full load of college credits is essentially equivalent to having a full-time job!!! Warnings
Be aware of signs of burnout
Doing work and school at the same time might not be for everyone
Do not stop!!!
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