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Amanda's Best Friends AWWWW

No description

Mitov Nakadar

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Amanda's Best Friends AWWWW

Amanda is a weird indian girl with a wry sense of humor who enjoys to see others be humiliated or in pain and will help them if she feels like it. She loves pizza, the color black, Crispy Jelly Donuts
( Yum!), and her best friends are Maria, Teodora, and Maria N. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 3 Goal Start My Best Friend Kyra is a nice Irish girl who always gives you money. She is smart and also likes 1D LIKE Teodora. Derek, Ryan, and Matthew like Kyra. She is pretty and she dropped her science textbook two days in a row!!!!! Amanda's Bffs<3 BY: AMANDA Amanda Malayil Kyra Sherlock Maria Nakadar Maria is an muslim Indian girl.She is a very smart girl who is friendly and helpful once you get to know her, unless you don't like Indians or Indian food. Teodora Mitov Teodora is a friendly and bubbly European girly girl who loves one direction(especially Harry Styles), has blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is always there whether you like it or not. Maria Kulapurathazhe Maria is a very smart and indian girl who loves all her teachers and her favorite teacher is Mrs.Cruz. She is best boyfriends with Derek, John, Christian, and Hudson.And she is a teacher's pet(even she admits it). She has black hair and eyes and loves to be a gggg. Maria in the future Teodora in the future Maria N. in the future Amanda in the future or or or or or Future husband Future husband Future Husband Maria N's future husband Future Husband Never Going To Be Maria N.
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