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Year 10 @ HGS

A brief introduction to year 10/11 at Hitchin Girls School

Andrew Jackson

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Year 10 @ HGS

Key Ideas
Key Stage 4 @ HGS
Parents Evening
Terminal Examinations
Controlled Assessments
Target Grades
Short Courses
Time management
Post 16 options
Private study
18th March
Most subjects now have only terminal exams
January 2014
Summer 2014
No Exams
Double Award
Progress Reports
Target Grades
Minimum expected result based on achievements so far.
Controlled Assessments
Run throughout the next two years.
Make up the majority of the marks in some subjects.
Sixth Form Entry
5 grade A*-C at GCSE including Maths and English.
Many departments require a grade B in a subject to continue it to A level.
Out of class learning
Learning 4 Life
Study Skills Module delivered at the start of this year.
Revision Skills
Planning Skills
Organisation Skills
Study Aids
SAM Learning
HGS Moodle
Revision Guides
My Maths
Online Textbooks
Smartphone Apps
Key School Events
A Successful two years
School Support
Home Support
Hard Work
Self Belief
Modular GCSE Cheese Rolling
Module 1 - The Basics - Modular Exam - 20/50 - E

Module 2 - Advanced - Terminal Exam - 25/50 - D

Controlled Assessment - 90/100 - A*

Total Mark 135/200 - Grade C
A* - 90%
A - 80%
B - 70%
C - 60%
D - 50%
E - 40%
F - 30%
G - 20%
Linear GCSE Cheese Rolling
Terminal Exam - 45/100 - E

Controlled Assessment - 90/100 - A*

Total Mark 135/200 - Grade C
A* - 90%
A - 80%
B - 70%
C - 60%
D - 50%
E - 40%
F - 30%
G - 20%
Current Working Grades
A Judgement of what grade of work is being currently produced.
Parents' Information Evening

"Learn to Revise" workbooks
in tutor time

Study skills seminar - Tim Foot
8th October

"Take your Daughter to work day"
3rd June

Summer 2015
Lots of exams!
Practice Exams

Summer yr10
Autumn yr11
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