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Desert Ridge High School Counseling Advisory Meeting

No description

Sarah VanCleave

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Desert Ridge High School Counseling Advisory Meeting

Desert Ridge High School Counseling Advisory Meeting
Counseling Staff
Why do we need an advisory council?
We value school, parent and community input as we evaluate our program goals and activities. As a result, we have advisory council meetings twice per year so stakeholders can review and advise on the implementation of the school counseling program.
Jamie Valocchi
Gena Harnisch A-BL
Role of the Advisory Council
Advise on program goals
Review program results
Make recommendations about the school counseling program
Advocate and engage in public relations for the school counseling program
Advocate for funding and resources
Mission and Vision
The Desert Ridge Counseling Department has a mission and vision statement that aligns with the District mission and vision, as well as the school's mission and vision.
High School Registration
Counselors will meet individually with each student
Students are expected to input course requests into the computer via Infinite Campus
Anti-Defamation League
Curriculum is taught to all 9th graders through Biology courses
Uses 10th, 11th and 12th grade peer trainers
Focus is on creating a community where students are treated with dignity and where they feel safe and able to learn
ADL Presentations have given me increased awareness of issues relating to prejudice diversity at my school and in my community
ADL presentations have provided a forum for me to discuss important issues
The activities presented by the ADL Peer trainer were useful and effective in teaching many aspects of issues relating to prejudice and diversity on campus
Peer Trainers were respectful and knowedgeable
Luke Longacre
Program Goal--Attendance
Attendance Interventions Include
Attendance education included in each class counseling lesson
Automatic loss of credit at 10+ absences with appeal process
Attendance contracts
Chris Wattawa BO-FL
Jamie Valocchi FO-KI
Mary Ortiz KL-N
Luke Longacre O-SE
Sarah VanCleave SH-Z
Terri Bustillos
Counseling Secretary
Lisa Avalos
Career Center Coordinator
State law requires students to be in class at least 90% of the time in order to earn credit
Gena Harnisch
Counseling lessons meet ASCA and Arizona Department of Education standards
Counseling Curriculum
Sarah VanCleave
Communication and Technology
Email blasts
Social Media
AP Testing

Mary Ortiz
New enrollment procedures
2013/14: 171 students enrolled
2014/15: 160 students enrolled
Chris Wattawa
NCAA Coordination
2012 Cohort--1 National Merit, 1 Commended
2013 Cohort--1 Commended, 1 National Hispanic
2014 Cohort--1 National Merit, 1 Commended
2015 Predictions--3 Commended, 2 National Achievement Scholars
Lisa Avalos--Career Center
College and University Exposure
Dual Enrollment Statistics
2012-2013 enrollment--271 students
2013-2014 enrollment--422 students

That is an increase of 64% in just one year!
Feedback and Questions
Incoming Freshmen Registration

Scholarship Highlights

Scholarships offered to the Class of 2014 totaling $8,901,954.00
 201 Scholarships to Arizona Universities
 39 Scholarships to Out of State Universities/Colleges
 10 Scholarships to Arizona community Colleges
 16 Scholarships from Business/Foundations/Organizations
 2 Memorial Scholarships
 2 Students entering military
 11 Athletic Scholarships
 Dorrance Scholarship Winner

DRHS 2013-2014

Combat Prejudice
Golden Scholar Awards
PSAT Information
Cohort 2018--100 HJHS* and 638 DRJHS
Respect Individual Dignity

Dual Enrollment Highlights
Received Chandler Gilbert Community College’s Teal & Silver Award – in K-12 partner category
Accuplacer Testing for Fall Results
205 students placed in English Composition 101/102
281 students for college level Math (College Math, Statistics or Pre-Calculus or Calculus)
New instructor certified to teach Biology 101 for dual credit

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