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Lola Rein Kaufman

Holocaust survivor

Julia H

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Lola Rein Kaufman

Childhood Lola was born October 4, 1934 in Czorkow, a small town just outside of Lwow, Poland. She was the only child of Dwojra and Yidl Rein. The Holocaust forced them to move to a ghetto(section of a city in which all Jews were required to live) in 1942. Up until this point Lola's life was good. She had a cozy home and there was always food. Lola's father died from being beat by Ukrainians in 1942. Her mother shortly followed, February 19, 1943. She was murdered by a German policeman named Kurt Kollner while walking to work. Lola is then taken care of by her Grandmother, Ekke Aschkerase. She has no one else. Lola's Grandmother arranges a hiding place for Lola. She is sent to live with a Ukrainian woman, with whom she doesn't know in a place she has never been before. After 2-3 months of increasing pressure form the woman's son- in law she is forced to take Lola to her sister, Anna Aksenczuk in Vignanka. Lola is placed in a dirt hold, six and a half feet long, six and a half feet wide, covered with wood and straw. Three other people, Rose, her daughter Betka, and her brother Abraham are in the hole, too. There is little food, the quarters are close, and there is lice. The lice gets so bad Rose cuts all of Lola's hair off. They are everywhere; underneath their fingernails, crawling on their faces. Also, it is cold, reaching temperatures below zero. Nine months Lola and Rose's family endure these horrendous conditions. Lola Rein Kaufman Hiding "I feel so safe that I don't even know that I feel safe. It's part of who I am, like my ability to breathe, something I don't have to pay attentions to -- It's just always there." Survival In March, 1944, Lola finally got to step outside. She survived nine months deep in the earth with unbearable conditions. At least, though, she survived. Many Jews weren't as lucky. Anna risked her life for Lola, Rose, Betka, and Abraham. If she had been caught everyone would have suffered. Anna is a hero! While in hiding Lola wore a hand stitched embroidered dress that her mom had made for her. Not once, throughout the whole experience, did she take it off. "Yet it was a Ukrainian woman, someone I never knew and barely ever saw, who risked everything to save my life." By: Julia I decided to honor Lola Rein because of her bravery and perseverance. Despite her horrible circumstances; hiding in a dirt hole and loosing all her loved ones, she lived to see another year. Every Jewish person who endured the Holocaust should be honored. I will always look up to Lola when I feel like giving up, loosing hope. Nothing I experience will ever be even close to what she went through. www.nysoclib.org- Younger picture of Lola
www.wisegeek.org- Butterfly
bookdragon.si.edu- Book cover
grade5bookreports.wikispaces.com- Older picture of Lola
The Hidden Girl- Main information resource

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