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Savanna By Siddharth Yayavaram

This prezi will tell about Savannas.

Siddharth Yayavaram

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Savanna By Siddharth Yayavaram

By: Siddharth Yayavaram
SAVANNA Savanna's cover a lot of the earth's surface.
They cover half of Africa, large area's of
Australia, South America and India. That's
a lot of the world's surface. An important factor in the savanna
is Climate. The temperature is
normally warm and temperatures range
from 68 F to 86 F(20 C to 30 C).
Savanna's exist where there is a 6 to 8
month wet summer season, and a 4 to 6
month dry winter season. During the dry season, lightning often strikes and sets trees and grasses on fire. Sometimes you will find individual trees or small groves of trees. These mostly live in ponds or lakes. The savanna dominated by grasses such as Rhodes grass, Red oats grass, star grass, lemon grass, and some shrubs. You don't see many plants in the savanna because lack of rainfall. Most savanna grass coarse and grows in patches with interspersed places of bare ground. Location Location Climate Plants Animals N.G.O Picture of Savanna There are a lot of different animals in the savanna there are carnivores, grass eaters, and scavengers. There are many different carnivores in the savanna like lions, leopards, cheetah's and many more. They use stealth, ambushing, speed, and strength to hunt. There are many different grass eaters such as rhino's, elephants, wildebeest, and many others. They all feed on plants in the savanna. Scavengers are animals that feed on the dead remains of animals in the savanna. There are only two scavengers in the savanna they are the hyena and vulture. N.G.O N.G.O Threats Over the years humans have hunted many African animals to extinction or close to it. Pollution is a main threat to Africa's Savannas. The air can be polluted by smoke and exhaust fumes. There are trees scattered around the Savanna people are logging so there are no trees left and that makes it unsustainable. There are two main N.G.O's in the Savanna those N.G.O's are South African National Parks, and World Wildlife Fund. They help by creating national parks where animals can live in peace. They also help by making laws to ban Poaching, they try and stop Commercial crops and Overgrazing. THANKS FOR WATCHING

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