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Winter - All IS - Technology Committee Presentation

No description

Aaron Matthews

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Winter - All IS - Technology Committee Presentation

How do requests & information come into the Committee? Problem Management Committee/Web Steering Committee/Clinical Informatics IS TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE What has the Technology Committee been? New Devices & Standards Why a new Technology Committee? Mission Statement To ensure Cohesive, Stable & Manageable Technology Solutions that enable the Optimal Outcome for our Customers, Organization and the Patient. Charter We accomplish the Mission by focusing on the following areas: New Software & Standards OneNote We were Not Broken completely, but we were not ready to handle an ever changing future. Problem Management Committee Web Steering Committee Web Committee Member What does it look like? Devices Work Group Current Devices Future Devices Standards Work Group Software Standards Hardware Standards Community Collaboration Work Group Ancillary/IS Integration Work Group Ancillary Dept. Integration Long Term Benefits: Streamlined Process for New Device Evaluation & Procurement Web Committee Member Problem Management Committee Member Problem Management Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member Clinical Informatics Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member IS Technology Committee Member Exhibit A – Current Technology Standards December 1, 2007

1.Desktop operating system – Windows XP, version 2002, service pack 2
2.Internet browser – IE 6.0
3.Database software – Microsoft SQL and Oracle
4.Citrix Metaframe – Presentation Server version 3.0
5.File and print services – Microsoft Active Directory
6.Directory services – Microsoft Active Directory Hardware Inventory
Current State Analysis
What can be consolidated?
Hardware roadmap?
What new hardware can be consolidated onto current hardware?
Is there a better way to do it? What External ways do users interact with IS systems and how can we ensure we are enabling a cohesive experience no matter the touch point? Services.mhc.net
Device Angosticism/BYOD
External Web Site - handled by Web Committee
Youtube, Facebook, PHP Motion, etc... IS Team Integration BioMed
Pharmacy Focus on optimizing overlapping functions and coordination. Focus on Technologies that can bridge the Silo's and help our teams function as one. A Forum for all ideas. OneNote
video conferencing Become that strong link to enable Technology across the Organization so we can Thrive during the Coming Winter. Clinicians involved in testing & selection.
Survey's sent out to gather direction.
Technology Fair Every device has a Strategy.
Device Tracking in Altiris. Not well organized with no solid process or purpose. TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECT
12-Month Goals:
• Identify areas of overlap in hardware and applications and possible consolidation of services among IS groups
• Working with the technology committee, update the requirements document for technology acquisition Clinical Informatics Clinical Informatics Member The Winter (of change) is Coming, we MUST be prepared. CMS Meaningful Use Competition HITECH ARRA Internal Project Findings (Ancillary Dept. Integration, ongoing projects) Individual Requests/Needs (Internal & External to IS) Customer Survey's (Yearly Tech Survey) IS Technology Committee Work Groups Web Committee Member Be a good steward Be a Technology Enabler Relevant Updated standards Standardize Technology Offerings & Support across all Organizations & Departments Defined/Easy Process to Ensure Technology Cohesiveness Understand the True ROI of Technology Choices Client Driven Technology Offerings Community Collaboration Technologies Software & Hardware Optimization & Standards Ancillary Departments & IS integration/optimization points End User Devices (Current & Future)
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