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London Met_Videos and Screencasting in Life Sciences

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Sally Chappell

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of London Met_Videos and Screencasting in Life Sciences

What Courses?
Distance learning (NHS training scheme)
MSc Clinical Science (Infection Science)
MSc Clinical Science (Clinical Genetics)

Campus-based teaching
MSc Molecular Genetics & Diagnostics

Videos and Screencasting in Life Sciences

Campus-based teaching
Transferable to campus-based teaching
"Flipped Classroom" using recorded lectures
Nearpod/Socrative to test understanding
Problem-based exercises
Other uses of video
Solving access issues
All students provided with iPads
Recorded lectures packaged into iBooks
Distance learning
Recorded lectures
Other uses of video

Campus courses
Flipped classroom

Future directions
Student Opinions
Would be great if course content could be loaded onto a device – a lot more “free-time” at work or when travelling could be used more efficiently

Podcasts are definitely more use than typical lectures as you can pause them whilst writing notes, replay them for clarification and replay before exams
Conclusions & Future Directions
Benefits for campus-based teaching

Recorded material is scrutinised
Takes time!
Lessons learned
Best laid plans...
Recorded material uploaded to Moodle
Access issues - NHS firewalls / PC availability
Keep it short
Display length of video

iBooks - pros and cons
Module introduction
Student videos?
iPad, desktop PC
Dr Sally Chappell, University of Nottingham
iBooks - Enhancing Interaction
Interactivity in class takes longer
More module introductions
Different software
Student contributions?
Screencasting Software
NCH Software Debut Screen Capture
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
CamStudio (different to Camtasia Studio!)
Camtasia Studio
20 minutes for free version
Upload to YouTube
Embed in webpage
Save as (pro version)
Download from YouTube
MELSIG - Media-enhanced Learning Special Interest Group

Journal of Media-Enhanced Learning


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