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The Strategy of the Dolphin

No description

Nina Fateyenko

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of The Strategy of the Dolphin

Welcome to the Strategy of the Dolphin Reflect on the situation and take notes on
what changes it would bring to your life
how would you respond Scenario #1

One of our very important customers is calling in to report an issue that should have been fixed months ago. The customer is screaming over the phone and demands if you don't fix it now, he is going to fire us as a company. He wants a resolution now! Is there a pattern in your responses?
Based on your reactions, do you see yourself having an open attitude, partially open or closed to surprise?
Why is self-reflection relevant? Read each situation and create a response of:

Breakthrough For your birthday, Mike and Val decided to try out a new cake recipe for you. They made a salmon flavored cheesecake. As they bring it to your desk, they pressure you to try at least one piece. How would you respond? You are a graphic designer. Your boss told you that you are missing "spontaneity" in your work. You like your boss and would like to please him, but you know if you plan on adding spontaneity, your work will actually lose it. The Strategy of the
Dolphin, the Shark and the Carp...
What do they mean? The Strategy of the Carp Get Out Believe they can never win Reside in the victim's corner Don't play Keep others from winning Don't complete anything Destroy the game Play the nice-guy routine Become a problem Go with the flow TheStrategy of the Pseudo Enlightened Carp (PEC) Believe in Utopia Believe they can "fix" people Enraged the world isnt changing instantly "All fish should love and care for each other.
To make it so, all I have to do is to believe it is so" The Strategy of the Sharks Use power to get what they want Use the method of Take Over Always has to win Doesn't accept compromise "I have to win no matter who gets hurt" The Strategy of the Dolphin Believe in possibility Believe in choices Thinking outside the box Flexible "I want us both to win - and win elegantly
and resoundingly, no matter what the odds or
the difficulties or the time it takes" Breakthrough "Ignorance is bliss"
"I was helpless before and I will always be helpless"
"My suffering has purpose"
"Losing comes with life"
In all important gains there is an element of sacrifice "It's not the payoff that counts but the journey" "I really didnt mean to cut off your hand at the wrist but I had no choice" "We must learn to work cooperatively"
"We must be responsible"
"We must develop strong self-esteem"
"We must learn to be open to surprise and to the future" Give In How do you respond to the ever changing world? Read each situation and create a response of:
Get-Out/Give-In Takeover Breakthrough Read each situation and create a response of:
Get-Out/Give-In Takeover Breakthrough "It's not who wins or loses- it's how you play the game" "All I have to do is let go and everything will be all right" "I really did mean to cut off your hand at the wrist and before reaching for the chips, you should have remembered my warning" "I really meant to cut off your hand at the wrist even though I told you I wouldn't" 1. Do the right thing
a. Act with respect recognize, appreciate and value the talents and roles of each individual
b. Act with integrity do what we say we are going to do and deliver on our promises
c. Seek wise counsel learn from others’ experiences and be open to shared ideas

2. Act from your heart
a. Bear in mind the common good act in the best interest of our community and the communities we serve
b. Care for your craft engage in the process, learn, take pride in what you do
c. Be passionate about what you do go above and beyond to exceed expectations

3. Share openly
a. Collaborate our greatest successes will always come through teamwork
b. Build consensus seek collective alignment
c. Be transparent readily offer and seek information; include the client

4. Challenge everything
a. Don’t settle for the status quo just because we have done it that way in the past, does not mean it is right
b. Seek to understand be respectfully and humbly inquisitive
c. Innovate take an unconventional approach

5. Keep it simple
a. Make the only obvious choice focus on the common goal and the long-term impact
b. Do it with style presentation matters
c. Be agile live in the moment and be present

6. Make it fun
a. Find joy in your work see the humor and the lesson in every situation
b. Do what you love, love what you do make your contribution unique
c. Play with the possibilities

7. Silver line it
a. Practice intentionality believe in it and act on it
b. Be a champion present it positively; in every challenge lies opportunity
c. Celebrate successes give recognition Food for thought:
What are your thoughts?
How can we apply this concept in our work environment?
How will this concept make ImageTrend better? Our Agenda:

Change and how we deal with it
Qualities of sharks, carps and dolphins
How sharks, carps and dolphins work together
ImageTrend Core Values and the Strategy of the Dolphin
Takeaways A little bit about the Strategy of the Dolphin:

typically people pursue two common strategies to cope with the world: the strategy of the carp and the strategy of the shark
those strategies post limitations to us as humans
the strategy of the carp is to be narrow sighted, going through life with blinders on, focused on whats in front of them
the strategy of the shark is to be the "bull in the china shop" The Strategy of the Dolphin:

is a response to the ever changing world
requires learning to observe the observer
requires us to be open to surprise and change What's so special about this fish market? Our server is down. Support queue is filling up. The phones are off the hook. How do you feel? How would you respond to clients who are obviously unhappy? What are the top qualities that make this fish market a "Wow" experience? searches for the appropriate response
understands the dynamics of risk and stress
lets go up front
learns early, constantly, quickly and lastingly
is open to surprise
accepts responsibility for experiences and feelings
can admit failure
avoids stupidity
learns constantly from the past
does something different
does more with less
goes for breakthrough
decouples ego from failure and success
believes in immediate forgiveness
stands the heat when it matters
pushes the envelope
believes in appropriate retaliation
creates choice
favors elegant solutions
changes the meaning of the events
believes we can all win most of the time
appreciates that not everyone can be a dolphin
appreciates that not everyone wants to be a dolphin
appreciates the good qualities of a carp
appreciates when it makes sense to think like a shark
clearly articulate vision
takes responsibility
avoids the need for self-justification
avoids blame
avoids shame
avoids drama
looks for alternatives
tells the truth with power to itself and to others
appreciate caterpillars
admires butterflies Scenario #2
You want to initiate a Weight Loss program at work. You think your idea is great and are positive it will be welcome by the leadership team. After presenting the idea, your boss says it was the most stupid idea he’s ever heard. In addition, he throws in that he wishes you did your real job instead of coming up with irrelevant ideas. Scenario #3
You go to McDonalds for lunch. As you get through the drive through, the sales person hands you your coffee. As you grab the cup, the lid flies off and hot coffee spills all over you. Dolphin's practices and ImageTrend Core Values
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