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Future of Tommorrow by Cekiah Thornton and Kaylee Hendley

No description

cekiah thornton

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Future of Tommorrow by Cekiah Thornton and Kaylee Hendley

We are the most educated, socially, and racially, ethnically diversed

Target Group (18-25)
We are the most educated and racially, ethnical and socially diversed group of any generation at this moment. Young people ages 18-25 are the future of tomorrow. I understand why you guys have a lack of trust in politics. You feel like the issues that are important to you like marriage ,education,and jobs are being ignored.Were still finding our place in society and we haven't identified with a political party yet. A lot of us are still in college ,so were moving around a lot and we feel like we have a lot of on our minds and politics are the least of our worries.One thing you guys need to realize is that every vote counts; your opinion does matter. If you want the issues that are important to you to get out into the world spread the news became one with society. Take the future in your hands voting is a privelege that everyone doesn't get take the oppurtinity to change the country.
About half of the registered millennials refuse to associate with one of the major political parties
75% of people18-30 chose not to participate in mid terms.
2 out of 3 young adults suport same sex marriage
Over 59% of young adults believe abortion should be legal in most cases
Over half of Young Adults believe drinking age should be lower than 21
66% agree that when the government runs something it is usually ineffective and wasteful
Friday, January 27, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Major Points Why Young Adults Don't Vote
Young Adults issues are largely ignored
Most Young Adults move around a lot and are not settled in
They do not have a stake in society
Future of Tomorrow
Scene: Steinfield is in her bedroom making a video diary about the importance of voting.
Hailee Steinfield was chosen as the spokesperson for this commercial because she is 18 years old.
She is relatable because of her age.
She is popular in the community because she was on Pitch Perfect 2
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