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Women in Digital

No description

Marybeth Sullivan

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Women in Digital

"Hey Siri, should I have a salad or cheeseburger?"
It's an alarm, calendar, decision-maker, navigator, shopping list, doctor...
Oh yeah, and a phone
Stay Current
"Does it have that amorphous and often indefinable quality that inspires us to share–with our social networks and in e-mails and conversations with our moms, sisters, friends and colleagues."
Women do the same things they've always done...
with a digital twist
She does it all by teaching herself and creating it herself!
Say good-bye to store bought birthdays....
They still love magazines and newspapers. They have a desire for something that's tangible, they can touch, and feel an actual connection.
Diamonds is a Girl's Best Friend
"I use my phone as a shopping list in Safeway...
I catch up with my mom and shop...two birds."
"He's a know it all"


“Kind of messy, definitely not buttoned up – started some sort of company that lets him "work from home"

“Random Information”
“Looking to be the next big thing”

“Most of (his) words were jumbled, indistinguishable garbage; every once in a while, there’d be a something that stood out and leave me wondering that maybe the guy wasn’t so batty after all.”

“Doesn’t care what other people think”

What his exes say:
“I’m indecisive, tell me what to watch”
What’s popping on sites targeted to my interests?

She desires a personalized online experience where she can easily find content that is relevant to her

What are my friends watching?

Weird social pressures are created by her extended social media networks. She has to manage connections that past generations had an easier time shutting down.


Tech Geek?

The “Katy Perrys” (W18-30)

Millennials have a variety of “friend circles” organized around history, interest, and association. The circles interlap, and each has key “go-tos” for advice.

The “Taylor Swifts” (W18-24)

"I call it keeping current with friends…
because I don’t want to say stalking"


Women excel at and
must multitask to get
everything done!
"I've been married 4 years and still get
every bridal magazine."

She desires connections and tends to get more personal
She'd rather interact with friends, check for gossip, & look at photos
Can Share & Discuss

Organized in
Categories & Lists

Easy Search

Geared to Her Interests

Visual, Non-Cluttered Interface

“Know Me and the Content I Would Be Interested In”
Explore the relationship between W18-34 and the digital space to inform Revision3's female audience expansion
"I watch videos to laugh, to escape..."

His video content

Movie reviews/


Site of my
Favorite team

National sports

His sites

What Men Are Watching
My phone says:
"You never turn me off! Why are you taking me everywhere? You can't live without me!"

He's using social media to "gather information and boost his influence"
Prefer playing games, betting for upcoming sports games, or visiting music/entertainment sites
Review long-term trending data on female video usage to further understand behavior shifts
Conduct a gen pop media usage poll specific to video content and webseries, including dayparts, time spent, content types and reasons for lack of video viewing
Garner feedback on short-form clips and webisodes to understand appeal among W18-34
Focus on user-friendly interface and customized experience
Consider opportunities outside of YouTube given female expectations
Tap into established communities of women as well as ones emerging among women under 18 (Haulers)
Consider how to feed the female desire for smart entertainment
Dinner Parties w/ Friends (2 total)

Expert Interviews
Focus Groups (1 W18-34, 1 M18-34)
11:30 pm: Set alarm on iphone and go to bed

7 am: Catches up on email & Facebook + Twitter as soon as she wakes up / watches TV or Netflix during breakfast
9 am – 5:30 pm: She's regularly checking 3-6 favorite sites (email, social media, news) using work computer + personal iphone/ipad
6 pm: Workout watching TV or listening to ipod/checking phone during breaks
8-11 pm: Browse phone and/or computer for e-mail, news and social media updates / watches TV or Netflix / Reading on mobile device
Email Interviews (10 total)
1-1 Intern Interviews (8 total)
External Sources:
Study conducted by Ashley Freeman, Carly Roszkowski, Dawn Brosnan, Jessica Black, Kelli Peter, Lauren Goodson, Marybeth Sullivan, Michael Davis, Ryan Alloway
“The world’s gone social. And women are more social than men.” –Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.
She loves having a sense of accomplishment
Equal numbers of male & female unique viewers watch online video
Women watch less often and for fewer minutes
Interest drops among W35+
Rev3 thinks the disparity between men and women lies in content preferences
Current State of Digital Video
Source: Iconoculture

Source: Comscore, May 2013
- Forbes
Funny Skits
Celebrity Gossip
Music Videos
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