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Recruitment and Selection

No description

Andrea Parr

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection
Job Description and Person Specification
JD - about job PS - about person
Is one already written?
Does someone already do a similar job?
Does the existing one need amending?
Is there a template?
Does another company hire similar people?
Application Forms, CV's and Application Documentation
Specific Objectives
Discuss and evaluate all stages of the recruitment and selection process
Identify laws relevant to the recruitment and selection process
Discuss and design documents useful to the process
Prepare for an participate in an interview
HR Planning
What staff does your company need?
What skills do staff need?
What is your staffing budget?
Can you accommodate the staff?
Can you afford employees?
What options do you have?
Can other staff be used to perform tasks?
What impact is paying staff going to have on your profits?
What is your staffing budget?
can roles be carried out by existing staff?
part time, or full time?
do they need to work for you all of the time or just for a short period?
are staff essential for you to meet your objectives?
What staff does your company need?
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Equal Pay Act 1970
Equality Act 2010
Minimum Wage Act 1998
Working Time Directive 1998 (amended 2003)
Employment Rights Act 1996
Skilled or unskilled

What skills do your staff need to have?
Where will they work
What do they need
Will this impact on cost
What laws do you have to consider?
Can you accommodate the staff?
Job Description

"A broad, general, and written statement of a specific job... it generally includes duties, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions ... along with the job's title"

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/job-description.html#ixzz2gxWKxhwF
Person Specification
Colour by Numbers Task
Advertising Vacancies
Identify internal and external methods of advertising and discuss the advantages and disadvantages
Application Forms
To find out about the person who wants the job
Makes the reader want to meet the person
Has to identify key factors matching with the Person Specification
Easy to complete
Enough space for answers- restrict number of words
Is there a template or standard?

Types of Question
Contact information
Work history
Personal Statement
Scenario based
Unusual questions
Other documentation
When sending out an application form what else may be sent out?

CV's & Cover Letters
Shortlisting & Question Setting Activity
General Objectives
To recap the recruitment and selection process
To understand the importance of all stages in the recruitment and selection process
To create documents which are used in the recruitment and selection process

Specific Objectives
Discuss and evaluate all stages of the recruitment and selection process
Identify laws relevant to the recruitment and selection process
Discuss and design documents useful to the process
Prepare for and participate in an interview
Employee Status
Contract of service
Contract to provide services
Which is it if you:
Pay someone to come and paint a mural in your house
Hire someone as an artist in your mural painting business
"The skills that a job candidate must have in order to complete the tasks of a position offered by a company"

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/person-specification.html#ixzz2gxXF5ydl
Shortlist, Invite & Inform
How is shortlisting done? What is used to help in the process?
How might interviewees be invited to attend?
What information might they need?
Leave gaps for breaks and for making notes
Be professional
Be in control - timing, waffling, nerves
Do not discuss in front of interviewee
Let the interviewee speak
Stick to the questions
Take notes or grade as you go along. Why?

Who to contact first?
What about people who were not successful?
The Interview Process
General Objectives
To participate in an interview
To understand the roles of the interviewer/s in the interview process
How are questions determined? What is used to help in the process?
What questions must not be asked?
What are prompts and probing questions?
What else might an interviewee have to do?
Question Setting

Practical Activity
Documents with application form
Equal opportunities monitoring form
Criminal declarations form
Information about company
Person Spec
Indication of closing date/interview date
How or if unsuccessful candidates will be notified
Guidance on how to complete the form
Specific Objectives
• Learners will be able to identify the stages of preparation for interview
• Learners will be able to participate in a formal interview
• Learners will be able to include questions at interview which they have personally developed
• Learners will be able to appropriately score interview performance and identify the most suitable candidate
• Learners will be able to reflect on their own practice and offer peer feedback to fellow students
JD Contains
Title of Job
Department and location
Broad terms
Responsible to whom
Scope of the post
Education and qualifications needed
Name and compiler and approver
Date of issue
Person Spec Contains

Title of job and reference number
Location in management line
Essential and desirable characteristics
Physical characteristics
Attainments, qualifications and general intelligence
Previous experience
Special aptitudes
Temperament and personality
Hobbies and interests
Personal circumstances
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