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Expansionism during the Interwar period

No description

Mr. McAdam

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Expansionism during the Interwar period

Expansionism during the Interwar period
Racial and economic factors, and empire building, were part of the rational they used to justify a foreign policy of expansionism.

How far should a nation be willing to go to promote its interests and policies?

Japan desperately needed the natural resources of iron ore, coal, and arable land that were available in the North. Guess where?
Detail 3
Detail 4
When nations are dissatisfied with their state of affairs, their gov'ts make plans to resolve the needs of the nation.

Germany, Italy, and Japan thought they needed more land in order to accomplish their goals.
Expansionism- One Aspect of Foreign Policy
Japan had remained an isolated nation, unaffected by foreign influence and without technologies until the beginning of 19th century.
Soon they became a military strength
Expansionism- Japan
They pursued a foreign policy that they believed was similar to Merica and European countries.

They believed they had the right to colonize in the pacific. Not the Mericans...
The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.
Japan wanted to get rid of Merican and British control in the area and expand their country.

How big is Japan compared to Canada?
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