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No description

Emily King

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Wonder

August Pullman (Auggie)
Jack Will

Rising Action
At the camp on the last day August gets in a big fight with seventh graders while attending a movie. Jack, Henry, Amos, and Miles step up to protect him. They end up in a corn field which is behind the movie screen while running away. They walk back and August's hearing aids are gone. The seventh graders end up getting caught.
Rising Action
Jack finds out August heard what he said.
The class gets assigned a science fair project and August has to work with Jack
Jack punches Julian in the mouth, because he said bad stuff about August. Jack gets suspended for a couple days.
August and Jack become friends again.
A "war" begins between Jack and Julian.
For the science fair they make an organic battery out of potatoes.
Falling Action
August got fitted for new hearing aids. They found the old ones in one of the seventh grader's locker. It was bent and destroyed.
Via and her dad bring home a new puppy. They name it Bear because he looks like a bear cub.
On the last day of school they have a graduation.
August got High Honor Roll. He also got the Henry Ward Beecher Medal, which was a big honor and very hard to get.
Everyone went to August's house for cake and ice cream to celebrate.
Wonder By R.J Palacio Emily King
August has a deformed face and is going to school for the first time. Jack Will and Summer become his friends almost instantly, but everyone else is a different story. He needs to make it through 5th grade alive.

August decided to go as Boba Fett from Star Wars for Holloween, only he changes his mind last-minute and goes as the bleeding scream instead.
August overhears Jack say really mean stuff about him on Halloween.
Via, August's sister, disconnects with her friends Miranda and Ella over the summer which ends their friendship.
The class gets assigned an Egyptian Museum project.
About the Author
R.J Pallacio lives in New York City with her 2 dogs, 2 sons, and husband. Before she became a writer she designed book jackets for different writers.
Other books by the author: 365 Days Of Wonder, The Julian Chapter,
Rising Action
Via's school is doing a play called Our Town. Justin, Via's boyfriend is the lead male role and Via is the understudy for the lead female role. The lead female role is Miranda.
Jack and August presented there potato battery to all the parents.
August got huge hearing aids he has to wear.
Daisy, their dog, gets sick and dies.
Via got to do Miranda's part in the play because Miranda pretended to be sick.
August's school is going on a 3 day 2 night trip to the woods.
Everyone started to like August and stopped thinking he was a freak. They discovered he was kind, brave, and more importantly himself.
Exposition- The introduction, normally meet characters and places.
Rising action-Important events start to happen. Story picks up speed.
Climax-Most exciting, tense part of the book.
Falling actions- Events start wrapping up and problems start to be solved.
Resolution-All problems are solved. End of the story.
Tone and mood
The mood of the story is cheerful at times, but down and sad at different times.
The tone changes throughout the story several times because the person telling the story changes. When August tells the story he has a joyful, happy tone, like when he got his medal. His tone can also be sad and down, like when Daisy dies.

Mood=The way the reader feels about the text.
Tone=How the author explains and says the story.
The End

Beecher Prep (school)
August's home
Camp in the woods.
Via's school

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