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No description

Abhigyan Jha

on 20 July 2016

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Transcript of THREE MEN IN A BOAT

- Group 5
Chapter 5
About The Author
Jerome K. Jerome (2 May 1859 – 14 June 1927) was an English writer and humorist, best known for the comic travelogue Three Men in a Boat (1887).

Other works include the essay collections Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (1886) and Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow; Three Men on the Bummel, a sequel to Three Men in a Boat (Packing for the journey); and several other novels.

Jerome was born in England. He was the fourth child of Marguerite Jones and Jerome C.

Jerome was inspired by his older sisters love for the theater, and he decided to try his hand at acting in 1877, under the stage name Harold Crichton.

Jerome sat down to write Three Men in a Boat as soon as the couple returned from their honeymoon. In the novel, his wife was replaced by his longtime friends George W. (George) and Carl H. (Harris). This allowed him to create comic (and non-sentimental) situations which were nonetheless intertwined with the history of the Thames region.
The next day begins with the housekeeper waking the men at 9:00 in the morning, each blaming the others for not waking them all up sooner.

At breakfast, they check the weather forecast. J. remarks that weather forecasts are useless things, as they forecast "precisely what happened yesterday or the day before, and precisely the opposite of what is going to happen to-day" (p. 43).

After breakfast, Harris and J. move the luggage outside to wait for a cab. This is the first time it has all been in one place, and J. is surprised at the bulk of it all. As they wait for the cab, a group of boys gathers around starts teasing the men. The group gets larger and the teasing continues that the men must be embarking on a long journey into Africa, or across the Atlantic.

The cab finally arrives...
They (Jerome, George and Harris) oversleep, only waking when Mrs.Poppets comes in at nine. Harris and J. are greatly irritated with George and they start arguing with each other .Their mood grows worse when they learn that the day’s weather forecast is poor. J. digresses to complain about how often weather forecasts are inaccurate. He also concocts a hypothetical story about staying inside when the forecasts predict rain and missing a beautiful day, and then believing the forecast of sun the next day, but ending up wet.
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