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The Holocaust vs. Rwandan Genocide

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Noni Pickard

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of The Holocaust vs. Rwandan Genocide

The Holocaust vs. Rwandan Genocide
A Little Bit About the Holocaust
It all began with discrimination.
Adolf Hitler believed that Aryans (Germans) were the superior race & that Jews were inferior.
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party sought to murder the entire Jewish population of Europe and to destroy its culture.
Murdered Jews through use of gas chambers and concentration camps.
A Little Bit About the Rwandan Genocide
It all began with a dispute between the Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda.
Killings began in early April of 1994 and went on for about 100 days.
Most of the dead were Tutsi. But they would kill anyone.
The genocide was sparked by the death of the Rwandan President when his plane was shot down on April 6, 1994.
Wer ist das?
Adolf Hitler
Born April 20, 1889
Austrian Born
5 feet 8 inches Tall
Leader of the Nazi Party
Who is This?
Theoneste Bagosora
Born August 16, 1941
Former Rwandan military officer
During miliry career he served as second-in-command if Superior Military school in Kigali & he also served as commander if Kanombe Military Camp
Gave orders to kill the Tutsi.
How Many People Died?
It is estimated that close to 6,000,000 people died during the holocaust.
How Many People Died?
Approximately 800,000 died during the Rwandan Genocide.
What is Genocide?
Merriam Webster's dictionary defines "genocide" as:
the deliberate killing of people who belonged to a particular racial, political, or cultural group.

Were the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust considered genocides?
How are the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust Similar?
Both fit the definition of genocide.
Both used propaganda to manipulate the public.
People had to kill their own friends and even family members.
Both countries were left with a negative reputation.
How are the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust Different? (The Holocaust)
Nazis only killed Jewish people.
Use of Concentration camps.
Lasted over 6 years.
Took a long time to fight back against the Nazis.
No previous rivalry between Jewish & the Germans.
How are the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust Different? (Rwandan Genocide)
Hutu did not only kill Tutsi, they killed anyone who opposed their ideas.
Hutu used guns, machetes, and raped women. Not an organized killing.
Lasted about 100 days.
Tutsi fought back immediately.
Rivalry between Hutu and Tutsi had lasted years before the genocide began.
What can be learned from comparing and contrasting the two genocides?
History repeats itself.

People are followers.
How does the Holocaust help us understand the Rwandan Genocide?
Proves that fighting doesn't solve any issues.
The reason the Genocide happened. (People believing they are superior.)
People can't be used as scapegoats.
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