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Freakonomics-Where Have All the Criminals Gone?

Daniel, Melissa, Phelan, and Jackie

Jacqueline Leary

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Freakonomics-Where Have All the Criminals Gone?

Claim Abortion was the single greatest contributor to the decline in crime of the 1990s. -In 1970, 5 US states, New York, California, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, made abortion completely legal. Here are the Facts [Beck et al. 1993] Prisoner Statistics The reason for the sharp decline in crime... When a kid hangs out with bad people... Here's the Idea (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr -Are 50% more likely to live in poverty
-Are 60% more likely to be single mothers People who would typically get an abortion... -A child with little money and guidance, from his mother, is more likely to hangout with the wrong groups of people. ...He starts doing bad things ...was that the next generation of criminals were never born -3 Years later, in a court case known as "Roe vs Wade", abortion became legal in all 50 states. -The 5 states that legalized abortion first, experienced their drop in crime 3 years earlier than that of the other 45 states -In addition, those states that made abortion readily accessible had a much steeper drop in crime than those who only made it legal. 14 percent of prisoners reported growing up with neither parent present 3% of total population 3 percent reported having only one parent 24% of total population Thirty-eight percent of prisoners reported that their parents or guardians abused alcohol or drugs Almost one-third of female inmates reported being sexually abused before the age of eighteen. Jon Donohue and Steven Levitt, "The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime", Quarterly Journal of Economics 116, no. 2 (2001) Source This is important because it prevented crime from raising any further. Summary All the evidence points to abortion being the cause of the crime drop during the 1990s, for the population born after abortion was legalized would have reached their peak crime activity at that age (18-24).
In addition, evidence shows that states that legalized abortion before the nation experienced an earlier crime drop than the nation, showing the correlation between abortion and crime.
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