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Candice Lacey

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Tips

Calculating Tips Tipping
Etiquette When tipping at a restaurant,
it is appropriate to tip your
waiter or waitress 15% of your
overall bill before sales tax is
added. If your food service is exceptionally good, it is appropriate to tip 20% or more of your overall bill. Don't worry I know what you're thinking. Etiquette-accepted manners or behavior. Why should I learn this ...if I have a cell phone that does it for me? can be used to find tips easily in your head... math tricks 15% can be broken up into two groups: A group of 10%

A group of 5% Notice: 5% is HALF of 10% Remember, to find 10% of a
number, you move the decimal
point one time to the LEFT Example Find 10% of 20:

20 = 20.

Move the decimal one place to the left,

2.0 Now, 5% is HALF of 10%,
so 5% of 20 = Half of 2.0
= 1.0 so 15% = 10% + 5% (in this case 1 + 2 = 3) Thus,
15% of 20 = 3 Try it:

What is 15% of 60? 10% of 60 = ___

5% = (half of 10%) = ____

so 15% = ______ And those are
the basics of
tipping When tipping, it is
proper to tip 15% of
your bill. To calculate, find 10% of
your bill by moving the
decimal once to the left. Find 5% by dividing 10%
in half. Add 10% and 5% together.

That is how much money
you should leave as a tip.
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