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Prezi Template for AS 3.3 reflection task

A bit of assistance if you want it. Because it's actually all about the content!

Matt Parr

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Template for AS 3.3 reflection task

Feel free to use this as a template for your prezi. It is just a skeleton though!
Aquatics Programme Evaluation
In this assignment...

3.1) Review on Goals
3.2) Biophysical principles in my programme
3.3) Changes to this swimming PIP
3.4) Implementation into other areas
Task 3.2 - Biophysical applications to my PIP
Task 3.3 - Changes to this programme
Answer the questions in the task outline here.

Plan it out (be thorough)...
Rehearse it...
Record it...
Upload it.

Task 3.4 - Future implementation of PIP's
3.1) Review of goals
Perhaps you use a graph to illustrate your improvement over the programme? Maybe even compare to progress of you class mates?
Mid term goal
Technique Goals
You will need to discuss and evaluate how these goals helped you achieve you LTG. Imbed a video!
You could also add video clips of you swimming to compare pre and post technique.
Did you achieve? Were you better than you expected?
Weekly Goals
Give some egs. your weekly goals. How did you implement them? How did they help you?
Long Term Goal
Principle # 1 - Newton's 3rd Law
Then you repeat something similar with two more principles
Principle # 3
Show an eg of you swimming to illustrate what you are trying to show
Gives specific eg's of how your increased knowledge of this principle was applied within your programme and towards your overall improvement.
Principle # 2
Righto, I think that's enough spoon feeding. Follow the instructions and be creative on this section!
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