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Introducing Software & Services into the Sales Process

No description

Bill Behn

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Introducing Software & Services into the Sales Process

Nsight Training
Introducing Software & Software Services into the Sales Process
Open Order
Conduct Call/VM

Open Order call training
Partner University
Conduct Call/VM

Reference Call
Partner University
Conduct Call/VM

Intro Call training

in Partner University
Follow Up Email
Follow Up Call
Client Visit

Client Visit Training
on Partner University
Talent Delivery Call

Talent Delivery
Call Training
Partner University
Targeted Candidate
Email Campaigns

Email Campaign
Partner University
(With link or flyer to SMART)
Get Job Orders
Install Base
Letter from CEO to Introduce
Staffing Service Offering
CEO Letter Follow Up Call

Client Visit
Client lunches, Coffee,
Happy Hours, Breakfasts, Visits
Question to ask to learn about their Software Needs
Are you currently under the care of Value Added Reseller?
Are your systems up to date or have your licenses lapsed?
Are there any recurring problems you are having with your systems?
Have employees changed since implementation? If so, is there a training need?
When was the last time you upgraded? did you receive training on the new features?
Is there additional functionality you wish you had on your existing system? Fixed assets, payroll, HR, etc?
Here are problems that could indicate a need for software or services assistance
It takes too long to tie out the previous period.
Data in separate systems that don't talk to each other.
Still doing financial reporting or budgeting in Excel.
Need to input too many correcting/reversing entries.
Month-end closing takes too long.
Cannot get consolidated financials. Must do them in Excel.
Just opened a new division or acquired a new company.
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