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it is a brief presentation of the epic THE ODYSSEY by homer

saundra simpson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Odyssey

The Odyessey
By Homer The Trojan War Polythemus-the Cyclops Circe the Sorceress Calypso The trojan war lasted ten years. Odysseus and a crew of 720 men decided to go help their fellow lords and kings. His son Telemachus, had to stay home with his wife Penelope. After the war he started for home. Polyphemus was one of the many test for Odysseus had to face.
Polyphemthus was a savage man-eating cyclops.
He herded sheep and that was used to help the crew escape
Odysseus stabbed polyphemus with a large stick in the eye and the rode under the sheep to get away. Circe was a witch. she turned some of the crew into pigs by luring them in with her sweet wine and beautiful body. she kept them all swine untill Odysseus would agree to a bargin(which you all know what it is), after that they were kept there for a year and then came to their senses and left. She alsogave Odysseus instructions to find the Blind Prophet for the way home. she warned him also about the Sirens and Helios' cattle. Calypso was a beautiful immortal woman that held Odysseus for seven years. the only way he got away was because hermes gave her orders to release him. so he built a raft and sailed away alone. Calypso Helios and his cattle Helois had sacred protected catle. NO ONE was allowed to touch it, kill or eat it. Odysseus was told this and he told his never listening crew. helois threatened to stop shining and to appease him Zeus killed everyone of the crew excluding Odysseus. Tiresias the blind prohpet Tiresias gave Odysseus the way home after Circe told Odysseus to look for him in the underworld. while there he spotted his mom and came to terms with her demise. The Sirens The sirens were half women and half bird. they sang so beautifully that ships would wreck just to hear them. Odysseus wanted to hear them so his crew stopped their ears and tied him to the mast of the ship. Scylla and Charbodyis Scylla was a multi-headed monster in the sidee of a cliff and it wopuld eat 6 people at a time(six heads-one person per head) and Charbodysis was a gyser and wirlpool together. it would sallow everything around it and the spew stuff back up. Circe told Odysseus to go by Scylla so he would onlt lose 6 instead of eveyone in his crew. Arriving Home!!!!!! After another ten years at sea(20 years away from home) Odysseus finally gets home to find that 100 suitors have raided it and are trying to marry penelope. A few loyal servents and his son plan to find a way to get rid of all of the suitors. they plan to kill them all. TEST OF THE BOW Penelope doesn't want to re-marry so to get rid of them she test them using Odysseus' bow. they must string it and shoot it through 12 axeheads. the person to complete this tes twill be able to marry penelope. THE BED Odysseus made a bed and his house around a olive tree. penelope wanted to test him to see if it was really Odysseus and when he started screaming about how only the gods could move it she knew it was really him. Arriving Home!!! THE END!!
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