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The Big picture

No description

Lindsey Jones

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The Big picture

What is the BIG picture?
Why are you a teacher?
Have you thought about what the real goals of education are?
How do we create lifelong, continuous learners?
"Too many forget how intrinsic motivation and desire are to learning." (pg. 5)
"You cannot know a kid whose voice you don't listen to, whose interest are a mystery, whose family is excluded, and whose feelings are viewed as irrelevant to the educational process." pg. 21
Do you want to learn how to create an Atmosphere that supports learning?
"I wanted my school to be a little more human than most schools. Simple as that."

"....so many educators don't even know how to begin to step away from the ridigity and coldness that envelopes nearly every school." pg. 45
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE and end all for education?
The Big picture
Lindsey Jones
EDUU 609

DENNIS LITTKY Acknowledges THIS QUESTION candidly:
"Truly enjoy their life and their work."
"Each of us, if we live to just be 70 years old, spends only 9 percent of our lives in school."
If you really think about it then what do we spend the other part of our time out of school doing?
"...the only really substantial thing education can do is help us to become continuous, lifelong learners."
How did we get where we are today?
The first schools were for groups of families, then common schools that were available for the public.
The role of the schools and their curriculum was more a maturation because over time it grew and therefore education expanded after the age of immigration.
Curriculum was developed in 1918 such as drama, music, sports in order to teach students to socialize and express themselves.

So, in essence the basic foundations of education in America was reading, writing and math BUT
Is YOUR goal to get students motivated with their future in mind?
DENNIS LITTKY explains the bigger picture in truth:
"When we talk about reform, we should not be talking about tweaking the scheduling and modifying the curriculum, but about completely overhauling the entire structure of schools as we have known for way too long."
WELL........what is curriculum then?
It is the hope of educators that students learn through seeking knowledge and exploring their creativity.
The book educators have been longing for!
You're creativity and your desire to make change will be SPARKED!
Dennis Littky gives you the tools you need to get here!
This BOOK is what teachers have been looking for!
Littky hit this invigorating idea right on!
"Our kids are being mistreated and abandoned by their schools, and too many are literally dying as a result. We have to save them, one kid at a time." pg. 73
"THE WORLD Is this huge resource, and schools have to start taking advantage of it."
pg. 113
How do we measure what matters?
"...the exhibition is a learning tool, because it allows the kid to really see what he or she doesn't know."pg. 165
Littky taps into how to allow the creativity to flourish for students and explore different avenues.
If you are passionate about teaching, you will not be able to put down The Big Picture by Dennis Littky.
you are the change and it's just around the corner.
you have all the tools necessary to get the big picture.
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