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The Progressive Era

No description

Sarah Mohr

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of The Progressive Era

Progressive Era Problems RACISM Progressive Era Problems Women's Rights Monopolies Working Conditions Political
Corruption Urban
Slums Education Conservation Progressive Reformers W. E. B. Dubois Ida B. Wells Jane Addams Carrie Chapman Catt Carrie Nation Booker T. Washington Founded Tuskegee Institute
provide labor skills to AAs

Economic equality must come before AA can expect social equality

Gradual approach to equality Leader of the Niagara Movement & co-founder of NAACP

The “talented tenth” of AA would lead the way to social equality

Immediate equality Co-founder of the NAACP

Wrote Southern Horrors exposing lynching in the South
b/t 1900-1914 more than 1,000 AA were lynched by white mobs Fought poverty in the cities through settlement houses
Provided social services to poor & immigrants

Co-founder of the Hull House in Chicago Succeeded Susan B. Anthony as Pres. of National American Women’s Suffrage Association(NAWSA)

Got Congress to pass the 19th Amendment granting women’s suffrage Famous speaker of the prohibition movement

Used her hatchet to break bottles of liquor during speeches Margaret Sanger Nurse who advocated the use of birth control

Established Planned Parenthood

Arrested for distributing birth control Muckrakers Ida Tarbell Lincoln Steffens Jacob Riis Upton Sinclair People who dug through the “dirt” to expose aspects of society that need reform "History of the Standard Oil Co."

Exposed the cut throat tactics of Rockefeller "The Shame of the Cities"

Exposed the inner workings of political machines How the other Half Lives

Exposed living conditions of the poor "The Jungle"

Exposed the meat packing industry

Led to
Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food & Drug Act fgdsg Hepburn Act Sherman Anti-Trust Act Progressive Legislation Laws passed during the time influenced by the Progressive 1st attempt to bust monopolies

Fails and used to break up labor unions Clayton Anti-Trust Act Strengthens Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Protects Labor Unions Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food & Drug Act Tried to ensure food and medicine is safe for human consumption

Created the FDA Strengthens the Interstate Commerce Clause

Created the ICC to regulate RR companies Progressive Amendments 16th Amendment 17 17th Amendment 18th Amendment 18 19 16 Allowed for an Income Tax
tax on the money earned in one year
Fairer tax system than tariffs Direct Election of Senators
must be elected directly by the people of the state, NOT the state legislature Start of Prohibition

Made the manufacture, transportation, sale and consumption of alcohol illegal 19th Amendment Granted Women's Suffrage Progressive Political Reforms Robert Lafollette Populist Governor of Wisconsin

Reformer who made gov’t more accountable to the people
Referendum Legislation (laws) created by elected officials but given to the people for final approval (vote).
Recall Ability for citizens to remove an elected official from office before end of his/her term Direct Primary Party members choose candidates from each party to run for office
Initiative Legislation (laws) started by the people and given to elected officials for approval Australian Ballot Secret Ballot

Voters can cast their votes without being watched
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