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No description

Marion Lasselin

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Hawai

The land of paradise and culture

Our project in Hawaii
Business in Hawaii
Main sectors
The real Hawaii in a few words...

Clichés about Hawaii
A country where everyone ...

... spends its time playing the Ukulele on the Waikiki beach

... wears a loincloth and a neckless made of flowers

... lives a life of tourist !


Discovered in 1778 by James Cook "The "Sandwich islands"

Joined the Union in 1959
The "Aloha State"
Official languages
- 137 islands : 8 main islands
- Many volcanoes
- 1 392 000 inhabitants (39% Asian)
- 28 311 km ²
- Capital city : Honolulu

Mostly christians

Plurality of religions:
Customs & traditions
Lei :
Hawaiian garland
Hula :
Traditional dance (Hula Kahiko, Hula Auana)
Legends & superstitions :
Way to pass on beliefs, history & knowledge
Environmental phenomenons are signs of gods (rainbow, rain...)
Agriculture & Tourism
Focus on tourism
Places of interest
Some figures...
Waikiki beaches
National volcano park
The naval base of Pearl Harbor
Haleakala's national park
10 billion dollars per year

7 millions tourists per year

Tourists visit one or two islands

The Oahu island is the most inhabited, developed and well-known one
An hotel that respects the traditional architecture
Respect of customs & traditions
The employment of local people
Breakfasts & meals only made with products from local agriculture
Local guides to discover the "real" Hawaii
Possibility to discover real customs through ceremonies
Possibility to learn "Hula" dances
How to create a business in Hawaii ?
Current opportunities
Hawaiian Strategic Development Corporation (HSDC)
Small Business Administration
(advice and financial helps)
A success story : "Planet Surf Hawaii"
From Deauville to Hawaii
a surf company
20 years of success

" Green card"
To live and work permanently in Hawaii
Hula Kahiko
An alternative tourism to discover Hawaii differently
The concept
The "extras"
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